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Are people of mixed ancestry genetically superior?

Updated on March 13, 2010

Are racially mixed people better off?

 It is hard to say how long this hypothesis has been around. Alon Ziv is a scientist who wrote a book explaining this which is titled "Breeding between the lines: Why biracial people are healthier and more attractive." He firmly believes that biracial people are better off than monoracial people at different levels: Health, Beauty, and Intelligence. In this book, he backs up every fact and assertion with sources from relevant scientific journals.

 If this is true, it would generally be regarded as a gift of life because marrying outside of your race could be a relatively convenient way to advance the human race. However, I think that more research needs to be done on the parents of interracial people. I think its likely that attractive people are more likely to date outside of their race. I have personally seen a fairly high volume of attractive white women with athletic looking black men. A combination like this is more likely to produce people such as Halle Berry and Tyra Banks.

  In addition to attractive people being more likely to breed outside of their race, I have read an article on which postulates that parents of interracial children invest more in their kids. This could *possibly* explain why biracial people might have higher IQ's than people who are one race. This link can be found at the bottom of the page.

 Studies indicate that Asian-European biracial people have higher IQ's than both both Asians and Europeans. Yet there is another study which states that biracial people are more likely to be diagnosed with a psychological problem than monoracial people. You can find out about the former study on Alon Ziv's website, and there is a link to the latter study at the bottom of this page.

  If mixed race people are better than the usual mixture because of the combination of different genes, then I think it is important that this knowledge becomes more mainstream so that the general public becomes more aware. Society would gradually accept this as a way to advance the human race. More research needs to be done on this topic.

  Some ideas are more politically correct than others even if it seems equally fair. If a modern scientist wrote an article with the subtitle "Why caucasians are healthier and more attractive", this would probably be more controversial than a scientist who claims that interracial people are healthier and more attractive.



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    • profile image

      Elizabeth 2 years ago

      Do you realize that that is something Hitler would say? You just changed aryan for biracial. He too had "studies" "proving" that aryan people were "better". Now, you are doing the same thing but instead you are glorifying biracial people. I say everyone has a change of being beautiful, healthy, intelligent, etc. because humans all over the world share 99,9% of their genes. I think the difference that can be observed is due to socio-economic status. Indeed, biracial people often have a higher social status (the fact that their parents traveled and had the possibility of moving in together from different countries indicates that more money is around). Also, I doubt that they had a sufficient sample for all the studies that you mentionned.

    • profile image

      dutchie 3 years ago

      @brad yeah because race is the one and only factor in determining which culture an individual adopts. Dude, that's like saying that an 'Italian raced' (mind the quotation marks!) is predestined, even if adopted by say... Inuit, to become Italian cultured and open up a pizza place when she grows up.

      To set the record straight: the only thing that determines the culture of an individual is the socioeconomic environment that individual grows up in. Though race does have a role in creating that environment and in creating the identity of the individual it does not decide the culture.

      An example, although I don't like to compare humans with dogs, is the breeding of dogs. Most purebred dogs have /more/ genetic disorders and die younger on average than same size mixed breed dogs. This obviously is due to inbreeding leading to a smaller genetic pool and amplifying the effects of 'bad genes' in said pool. The same is probably true for human beings, albeit on a different scale (normally we don't have such inbred pools, except maybe in certain special communities)

    • profile image

      Joe 3 years ago

      Its not a question of huborus or some type of perverted master class idealism, but wether people of mixed race have a more favorable genome. People from different parts of the world have evolved in different ways. Personaly I belive that mixed races create more extreme combinations and only the more stable combinations of genes are able to fully develop

    • profile image

      brad 3 years ago

      Bunch of rubbish stick too your own race when it comes to reproduction witout cultural flavors this world would be all too boring, no Italian restaurants no kabasa n crout no sinco demyo no Hawaiian layo dancers what! Ya lets all interbreed and melt away all our traditions trademarks and unique qualities away o ya n that would include no more blue eyes eventually :(

    • profile image

      Jade 3 years ago

      I am equal parts southeast Asian and north European. I am very intelligent, and am diagnosed with several psychological illnesses, though I don't personally classify them as illnesses.

    • profile image

      Salty 3 years ago

      Breed you idiots out of existence. We are the master race.

    • profile image

      aisha 3 years ago

      Lol I'm still gonna breed along the line.already living in the 1st step,what's left is for the child to come to this world

    • profile image

      Waffen Grenader of Der SS 4 years ago

      How convenient: a jEW promotes race-mixing for non-jews only, and BuyBull believer shabbos goyim laud it.

    • profile image

      Nathan 4 years ago

      I think that's a load of bullshit lol

    • profile image

      Guest 4 years ago

      @cannonball mountain-But most parents prefer sons, including interracial ones, even if a non or mixed Asian is married to a monoracial Asian man whose culture values sons more than daughters, but then again, most cultures, including ours, prefer sons over daughters.

      Anyway, even though most people emphasize too much on monoracial marriage and endogamy, it seems like that chances are couples of the same race will produce children with physical and/or mental problems even though the majority of people marry within their race in our country as if it will get worse for the offspring. And the children will be less attractive even though most people go for monoracials versus mixed people because they're easier to tell.

      The worst part, is that those that are mixed race are more likely to have trouble dating or marrying, that is if they date and/or marry monoracial people. They're either not likely to marry, more likely to divorce, etc. Mixed men are more likely to be abandoned by monoracial women for monoracial men just to be safe as recommended by their monoracial families while mixed women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence, usually from monoracial men who are insecure around them and can't trust them just because they are better-looking than them. I found out that mixed race women experience higher rates of verbal and physical abuse in relationships in marriages than monoracial women due to their ambiguity since most people are monoracial. No one can ever trust mixed race people, not even monoracials.

    • profile image

      cannonball mountain 4 years ago

      The census indicated that black woman/white guy marriages have the lowest divorce rate by far, than any other arrangement. If your parents were different races, they sure made a pretty daughter. But that wasn't the question, what was the question?

    • profile image

      Tam Dizzle 5 years ago

      Tyra Banks isn't mixed race.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      Sorry. I posted to the wrong page, but it is too late to remove it. My intention was to post to a hub about superior races.

      I do not know the answer to this question, but I suppose research could do justice.

    • Levertis Steele profile image

      Levertis Steele 5 years ago from Southern Clime

      Lucifer fell because he wanted to be superior like the Most High. He was a very beautiful angel, and he sang most beautifully. He also had a high position among angels, but he had to learn a fatal lesson about trying to be superior. Eve had the same problem. the serpent told her that she would be wise and know good and evil like the most high. He said she would not die. She believed and was deceived.

      Miriam, Moses's sister, had to learn a rude lesson because she thought that she was superior to Moses's wife because she was dark complexioned. I do not know what his race was, but he had color.

      Moses pulled his hand from his bosom, and was shocked that it was white. He put it back and pulled it out again, and the original color had returned.

      The Bible unfolds everything that we need to know if we diligently seek truth.

      Man has probably spent mega millions trying to create the best foundation for buildings and other structures. The Bible says that a building will stand if it is built on a rock. The answer was there all the time.

      By nature man is hardheaded by choice. Man has invented technology that still awe the world, but not one man can solve race problems. It is one that Jesus will solve when He returns. Rock Hudson said in a 1961 movie--I can't remember the title: "Man is the only creature that could build the empire state building and the only one stupid enough to jump off." How true that is!

      No man is superior, but, if anyone could claim superiority, it would be God's chosen, the Jews. Even they, centuries ago, had to learn lessons about thinking that they were superior to other people. The Bible is full of such lessons.

    • profile image

      bill 5 years ago

      You are an idiot

    • pinkhawk profile image

      pinkhawk 7 years ago from Pearl of the Orient could be... in plants, they are the hybrids if I'm not mistaken...^.^