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Are Feelings Really Emotions or Demotions?

Updated on February 18, 2019

A devotion that is void of repentance is a demotion. Through repentant devotion, children are blessed in their roles as sons and daughters. How essential is it to actively repent when praying for infants and children? It is of the utmost importance. When we assess that sin will be waiting for them in every conceivable way. It is up to parents to operate in heavy duty repentance that covers themselves, as well as children. Repentance would need to be made for and over parenting void of the knowledge of what sin can, and will do in general, let alone children who must be led and taught by parents and those who guide and instruct them when it is impossible to effectively do it without repentance.

Infants and children need the threat of impending sin and unrepentance cast out and the shadow of it to be repented off of their lives, until they can take care of their own prayer initiatives knowing that the sins of parents can be repeated over and over through generations when there isn't repentance reigning with the power to stay the plagues and pestilences sin emits. A generational curse appears to be a curse because of the failure to repent of the sin that is carried over from the last generation to the next generation.

Repentance should be a household word by now, not sin. Why teach children about sin without teaching them about how to repent of sin. This repentant right should be done over and for children, before they arrive in the world in order for them to stand a chance of living the life provided for them and to understand how to walk in repentant correction along the way to avoid and deter bad influential triggers towards bad behavior. To know when they have chosen to walk with bad influences that they determine are wrong, and do so, because all have sinned and fallen short, and to repent to correct oneself and keep going forward. Repentance is more than the change being sort, it is the correction to enter a constant change for the better. This correction is progressive and it is consistent.

Devotion is always supposed to produce promotion to higher learning, thinking and being. The height is something to ponder, How high is high? Devotion to whatever cause it may be and to actually experience it is another issue, but without my own repentance which covers me in and through it all is more than the issue at hand. There are feelings described as emotions, which at this stage in life I see as demotions. Demotions are feelings experienced consciously or unconsciously, past and present that are loaded with ill will and a barrage of negative feelings defined as emotions; however, if feelings descend are they truly emotions or demotions? Do they come from a healthy soul or unhealthy?

The prefix of the word demotion is demo. If you put a (n) at the end of it you have demon, demoting is the action of decreasing the value of good healthy emotions. A healthy soul is not exempt from feeling emotions that are not sound, a healthy soul is only healthy by virtue of repentance. It communicates to me that someone with more authority prayed repentance over me, covering my life with the ability to experience healthier emotions to the higher power and come into the knowledge of repentance. Bring forth fruit meet for repentance. Give the unhealthy emotions over to repentance and let all the emotions meet with correction, the good, bad and ugly.

Take anger, for instance, it is inevitable that one will be angry in, and some, with life, the Apostle Paul stated, be angry, but sin not, and not to let the sun go down upon your anger. Anger happens in a flash, how long it can last is another story. What is anger trying to build but resentment and bitterness and there goes the soul neighborhood. Letting the sun go down, and anger began in the morning or afternoon, and it is still around in the night, one must ask, how long does anger intend to hang around? Repent and tell anger what to do and not take orders from anger.

My soul is not the hang out for angry thoughts, not once they meet up with repentance and I can understand why I am angry and correct my angry status. It is up to me to prove anger is not an acceptable trait or characteristic to let hang out in my soul. Anger and righteous indignation are variables, anger can’t ever be right if it means that someone will be hurt because or as a result of anger. Anger will only lead the way to demotion, and if allowed, many will follow perniciously devoted to it.

Demoting has a way of sponsoring and promoting bad attitudes. Demotion towards someone or an issue without any analysis of the facts that surround it is awful, then you can be counterfeitly promoted in that infantile demoted behavioral state. How about the names we can be accused of calling others, under the breath and aloud, how celebratory it will be to utter a demoted spoken emotion that gathers applauds, some call it a comedy. With demotions on the loose one can never tell who they are celebrating through put-downs. I always thought that celebrations were exemplary and promotional, navigating towards success.

Who is speaking today, would be a question to consider, whose line is that anyway and where did it come from? Why am I repeating it without weighing its value for my thinking? Can I believe the words of what is in a demotion status as truth? Or are their emotions healthy enough to merit and not demand I trust them? All unrepentance is a road that will only lead to demotions disguised as emotions.

Demotions display themselves loudly in and through relationships, they are louder than emotions and have the propensity to shut an emotion down completely to replace it and place it in a negative state. This negative state produces a bad character as a result of feelings that are allowed to grow and are not dealt with in a healthy manner which will lead to wholeness or holistic reality.

A post was made on my Facebook account featuring an Author, named Jason Wilson who gave the word thug the most revolutionary and realistic meaning I have heard on the frontier of my existence. Of course, whose line is it anyway, the term “thug” nobody can even prove where it originated. Jason addressed thug by giving it an acronym, ready……(T) Traumatized (H) Human (U) Unable to (G) Grieve. If you have the time or the interest the link to hearing what he has discovered for himself is at

What was really fascinating is that he could have shared this from a cultural basis, but chose to share it as being a human condition, not a black or cultural one. That is what I identify as breaking through barriers and seeing from a human place of observation that anyone can be a thug, this presentation transcends barriers that helped me to see what Jesus was saying when he said, what profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. Mr. Wilson thank you for giving the word thug a basis for a real challenge and dialogue. To understand that a human who is not allowed to grieve properly, is at risk of any type of demotive behavior and that trauma of some sort is the root or cause frees me to grieve and that grief is repentance for all that I have done or allowed to happen to me that helps me to surrender the need to ever blame another human being who is most likely suffering from thug syndrome.

This premise carries the connotation of disability to grieve and when in relationships which require emotions in order to be holistic, it encounters demotions masked and distinguished as emotions that lie in repose. Reposed but not functioning as what they were created or formed to be. Emotions are an aspect of the soul system, if demotions are allowed to surface, emotions will have to take a back seat in the sub-conscious and memory because what is negatively impacting feelings are allowed to be illegally nourished and nurtured instead of the goodwill which produces a healthy environment internally within.

“From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?” (James 4:1)

The Apostle James posed an issue, he asked where do wars and fightings come from, then he answers his own question, aren’t they from within, Desiring and not getting one's own way which produces anger, bitterness, strife and just really not grieving properly over and for when these things do not surface.

In this world, it seems inane to desire one thing or even a human being for one’s own without repentance. I think the interpretation of people being possessions, rather than a being of provisional value having or being able to provide something is a misunderstanding of the purpose of being which is marked for repentance, correction is absolutely necessary. To change emotional directions and the one in the relationship with you knows nothing about this change, is relenting. Repenting is a remedy to moving on without leaving a trail of demotional destruction.

One of the hardest and traumatic things to face is knowing that you should have said I am sorry to another human being for something you know was not correct, but time just wasn’t designed for missed opportunities, or the sorrow that may spill out because of regret, seizing the moment is living with essence, not wanting to leave anything to chance alone, or take anyone for granted, void of my own response.

What should be done in these instances of never being able to recall the moment or audience with the person(s) personally to say I am sorry or I apologize? Or do you use the forgiveness package of being forgiven or forgiving for wrongdoing 490 times a day, you know the 7x70 equation in Matthew 18:22?

How about repenting 7x70 of sins of omission? All ill will must travel down sorrows walkway eventually. Repenting to the Most High would be the only remedy, and as an addendum in prayer; that I am indeed sorry Creator to anyone that I have offended or hurt, but you leave that in your own private place, your space for who requires it and repentance of and from all sin, in prayer, through and by devotion.

Emote healthily, but do not demote! Breath is a gift and how we have used it will be counted in the end.


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