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Try derbac m to kill your scabies

Updated on January 16, 2015

Scabies itch mite

Itch mite - causes scabies
Itch mite - causes scabies | Source

Scabies mites

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biopara scabies miteitch mite (enlarge)Human itch miteStraw itch mite (magnified)Too small to be seen by the naked eye
biopara scabies mite
biopara scabies mite
itch mite (enlarge)
itch mite (enlarge)
Human itch mite
Human itch mite
Straw itch mite (magnified)
Straw itch mite (magnified)
Too small to be seen by the naked eye
Too small to be seen by the naked eye

The natural scabies treatment

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Are you scabies free? Yes. Good! Good! Good! Maintain your family's hygiene and sanitation so as to avoid this malady. It is no laughing matter to get infected with scabies mites. This writer had been a victim once during his puberty days and had experienced scabies rash and scabies bites as truly disgusting and irritating. It's no joke spending sleepless nights, scratching the whole body especially when the itchiness is on. This hub is written and dedicated to those who are now suffering from the harmful effects of these bloodsuckers with the hope that they'll get cured soon and forever enjoy an abundant life free from scabies.

What is scabies and how it is spread

What is scabies? It's an intensely itchy, highly infectious parasitic skin disease. It is caused by the sarcoptes scabiei itch mite.

How is it spread? By direct skin contact especially during sexual activity or while sharing a bed. Far less often- it is spread by indirect contact such as sharing a towel or clothing. Scabies mites do not survive long when not on a human body.

How do scabies reproduce?

The tiny female mite searches for places where the skin is thickest - especially the palms and soles. She then burrows tunnels under the skin into which she deposits her eggs- about 2 a day for 2 months. The larvae hatch in 2 to 4 days. Then they leave their mother's tunnel and cluster around hair follicles. The nymphs will mature within 2 weeks and begin a new life cycle.

What causes scabies rash?

Scabies rash is caused by a person's hypersensitivity to the eggs and to the waste products of the mites and larvae. Itchy rashes occur on the thighs, trunk, hands, feet, armpits and genital region. Itching is intermittent and can be quite severe.

What medicine to buy?

(1) Derbac M (liquid) kills head lice, pubic lice and scabies mites. More info about Derbac M and treatment here. (2) Gamma Benzine Hexachloride, Malathion (Ovide) and lindane (Kwell) - They are available as prescription creams or lotion. CAUTION: These can cause skin irritation and nerve damage especially to infants and children; (3) Permethrin (NIX, Elimite) - These are milder but equally effective non-prescription drugs. In children under the age of 2 - a 5% permethrin cream or a 5 or 10% sulfur ointment might be used.

You can also treat itching with antihistamine medication such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl), hydroxyzine (Atarax), cetirizine (Zyrtec), and promethazine (Phenergan)

How to use the medicine

Whichever drug is prescribed- it should be applied to the entire body completely covering the skin from the neck down. It must be left on preferably 24 hours, before being washed off. Household members who have been in physical contact with the patient should be treated at the same time. Used clothing, towels and bed linens should be laundered in hot water. One treatment usually kill all mites and eggs- but a follow-up doctor's visit in a week or 2 is necessary if there's a need for retreatment. If itching is still severe, the doctor can prescribe a topical corticosteroid ointment to be applied twice a day.

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    • nick071438 profile image

      nick071438 5 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      It's a great pleasure to share this information to everyone, especially to those who need them most. Microscope Functions and Sharla Voy, thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • profile image

      Sharla Voy 5 years ago

      Thank You for taking the time to share information about scabies.

      I guess the best part is knowing there is hope. It took almost 3 months

      to finally get an accurate diagnosis. After 1 month of prescriptions I'm still fighting the mites, although 80% better, I'm not giving up.

    • profile image

      Microscope Functions 8 years ago

      Always a pleasure to come across some work that is useful, thankyou for the information keep the good stuff pouring in