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Ideas To Encourage A Good Nights Sleep

Updated on September 16, 2012
Sleeping like a Baby!
Sleeping like a Baby! | Source

Do you sleep poorly?

Do you remember the days when your head hit the pillow and you slept like a baby? Are those days a distant memory?

Sleep is meant to restore our bodies and our minds. During the night our organs rest, our skin is renewed and the body flushes out toxins. When our sleep is disturbed for a small amount of time it can lead to grumpiness and irritability. However more long term sleep deprivation can lead to our brains struggling to cope. Our memory can slip, we can start to feel anxious, suffer from poor concentration, have aching muscles, dull skin and dark circles under our eyes. Some illnesses such as epilepsy and migrane can be severly affected by the lack of sleep making it imperetive that sufferers acquire a good nights sleep.

Of course not all sleep deprivation is avoidable, especially after the arrival is a new baby or during illness or the illness of a loved one. Constant change of shift can also lead to difficulty in sleeping. The best thing to do is to create the best atmostphere possible for sleep so that every moment spent in your bed is a relaxing one!

Do You Watch the Clock at Night?

Sleep Solutions

  • Avoid Caffine - Don't drink coffee, tea, or caffinated fizzy drinks after 6pm. Try drinking a warm milky drink instead.
  • Dont eat late at night. Try to eat your main meal before 7pm as food forces your digestive system to work and can lead you to feel uncomfortable when you settle down.
  • If you are kept awake by thoughts of things you need to do the next day, keep a notebook and pen beside your bed. As you think of things write them down and then you will be able to forget about them until morning.
  • Have a warm bath - About one hour before bed do a relaxing activity such as read a pleasant book or have a bath in order to wind down your mind. Avoid watching stimulating television programmes or working on the computer as this can make the mind.
  • Reserve your bedroom as a place for relaxation and sleep. Try to keep this room clutter free and smelling good. Avoid working or studying in this room if possible. This way your mind will automaticaly link this room with relaxation.

Sleep Aids

Nature's Answer Oats Fresh Green Milky Seed with Organic Alcohol, 1-Fluid Ounce
Nature's Answer Oats Fresh Green Milky Seed with Organic Alcohol, 1-Fluid Ounce

Full of vitamin B and calming ingredients, it gently reduces physical pressure, while nourishing the nervous system.



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    • mathair profile image

      mathair 6 years ago from Ireland

      Monday's Child I couldn't agree more! I have forgotten what it feels like to get a whole nights sleep without any interruptions from little people!

      Movie Master you are so right. A bath late at night is brilliant for relaxing the body.

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      I always find a bath late at night helps me sleep well.

      Thank you for some good tips, a night sleeping like a baby sounds fabulous!

    • Monday's Child profile image

      Monday's Child 6 years ago from Arizona

      Thank you for this, I so miss the days when I could sleep like a baby. I plan to try some of your tips and get a restfull nights sleep.