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Are you Thinking about a Gastric Bypass Surgery? Benefits and Possible Dangers

Updated on August 30, 2015
Image courtesy of arztsamui
Image courtesy of arztsamui

Obesity: The Wolds Biggest Epidemic

The world is suffering from obesity. About 1.5 billion of the populace is obese and it is now an accepted trend, condition and killer. Being obese was usually regarded as something to avoid and stay away from as much as possible. Now with all the fast food chain restaurants, little to no time for exercise and the technology making anything and everything easier, our diets are poor and filled with carbohydrates and fats while our daily exercise routine is going to the car to drive from home to work.

There are places that still have too little. This is an impacting contrast against the obesity others fight, especially in the U.S. where obesity is most prominent. There are many fights of controversy of how we should be dealing with this crisis and how the populace is growing unhealthier by the day. Are we using resources well? Do we need to build upon relationships and economy more? What substances or harmful materials should we get rid of that induce addiction or the need to eat these terrible foods? Most of all, how should we be going about the condition once we are stricken with it?

 Fat Foods
Fat Foods | Source
Image courtesy of Ambro
Image courtesy of Ambro

Surgery vs. Exercise

Many consider surgery when faced with the fact that being obese could kill them. Young kids and teenagers have also had to make the decision between diets, exercise and a life threatening procedure. If there is nothing done about it, they would be a part of the 30,000 that die each year because of obesity. So, what is the best course of action?

As much as we want to think that diets and exercise can be easy once we put our minds and heart into it, they really aren't and we will have to fight every day for our health and well being. The body has gotten used to fats and sugars, storing them under the skin and doing absolutely the smallest amount of work day by day so getting out of any of these habits will put much strain on it. Nevertheless, it is still considered the best option to take when dealing with this subject.

Despite this, many people do not want the best option. They want the easy one. No diets, no cutting back on the food they like and no afternoons filled with exercise, that is what people are striving for. The most popular way of going about this is a gastric bypass. Now, there are cases when taking this option is a must, especially if obesity is produced by various factors and the patient might die if something is not done soon. In many other scenarios, it is not needed to do something so drastic and dangerous.

What is Gastric Bypass?

A surgery that focuses on shrinking your stomach by cutting it down so that you do not eat as much, the digestive system basically undergoes a change of direction so that it does not need as much nutrients or food as before. At times, this is done by completely skipping over or getting rid of parts of the digestive track so that the absorption of nutrients is not performed there. There are also cases where fat is cut off the patient so they may begin exercising a little after the surgery and getting into better shape.

What are the benefits?

If performed correctly and successfully, the patient is on a great way to recovery and a better body. The recovery time is usually not that long and the patient's way of life changes little by little, allowing them to adjust to new diets as well. This is a long term fix as well, meaning that if all goes well, the need for any other procedure or continuous changes will not exist. If you were to fix your diet and exercise regime, you would have to stay on that and not stray far from the path so as to not the end the same way you began. The patient will also feel much happier and with a lot more energy after the procedure.

What are the risks?

Although many wish this surgery to be the answer to all their problems, the complications that could ensue are many, the most common ones being things like stomach pouch problems which occurs when the pouch or smaller stomach made is broken and needs to be fixed again, continuous vomiting, kidney stones from less water absorbed in the body or even a hernia. There are other things that could happen but are less prone to come into existence. These could be:

  • Dumping Syndrome: Happens when the small intestine is filled too quickly with food that has not been properly processed.
  • High Rates of Infection
  • Malnutrition and bowel problems
  • Shock to the system
  • Potential death
  • Hypoglycemia: Low blood glucose from not receiving enough or absorbing it from the food.
  • Organ Injury
  • Gastrointestinal tract hemorrhage: Internal bleeding
  • Pouch dilation: An enlarged stomach pouch
  • Stroke
  • Respiratory Failure
  • Blood Clots
  • Fatigue

Gastric Bypass Surgery: The Psychological Journey
Gastric Bypass Surgery: The Psychological Journey

This book is for anyone contemplating or for those who have had the gastric bypass procedure for weight loss. It is intended to provide information about various psychological issues that are common throughout the process. It includes areas to explore both before and after surgery, as well as an overview of some true stories of those who have previously undergone this procedure.

Ranesa McNally is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in Baltimore, Maryland. Ranesa performs psychosocial assessments for patients prior to gastric bypass surgery and provides individual counseling for individuals after the procedure. Ranesa works with several surgeons in the Baltimore area and assists with various support groups in the community. Ranesa is a post gastric bypass patient of over four years and author of the the article,"Supports Really Do Make a Difference."


There are many more but those are the ones seen the most, especially in people with a high BMI. After considering all these possible risks and benefits from the surgery, do you really think that it is a better option than exercise and a diet? It may seem easy to give the doctor the money and then face the consequences later but this has a higher percentage of success of taking your life than the actual fat you are trying to get rid of.

The best path is to get a trainer, have a lot of confidence and attempt what you think is impossible. If you go through with this surgery, there is a chance you will be just fine and then lead a normal life without any complications or altercations. This chance is abnormally rare though and may exist only for a select few.

Ultimately, how you take action is really your choice. Opting for surgery does not mean you are wrong. It means you are more vulnerable to other diseases or problems. Remember, a good opposition to fast food restaurants and a good attitude towards self improvement is not a bad place to start. There will always be fattening foods and opportunities to sit around for days on end. What makes our future different is if we decide to take these things or not.

Very Important: This information is a general research about this important surgery -Gastric bypass- that so many are trying lately. We are not claiming expertise in the matter and we suggest for this information here to be used as an overview of this topic.

Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery The expert guide to minimally invasive weight loss and the cure for diabetes
Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery The expert guide to minimally invasive weight loss and the cure for diabetes

This updated and expanded edition of Outpatient Weight-Loss Surgery delivers timely information and the latest research results on innovative procedures, including Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy, Mini-Gastric Bypass and the latest innovations in Laparoscopic Gastric Banding with Imbrication. The new edition explains why the Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass is the cure for Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in 85% of cases.


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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady Gonz├ílez 

      3 years ago

      I could not agree more lyoness913. I know that at times the diet and exercise plan can be a hard one to follow but it is natural and the most helpful one to the body. The benefits are also bountiful.


    • lyoness913 profile image

      Summer LeBlanc 

      3 years ago from H-Town

      Interesting article- it's important that people know the risks of gastric bypass. I had a friend who did the 'lapband' surgery and she lost 151 pounds. However, the lapband caused her a great deal of problems and she had to have it removed. Once it was removed, she gained all of the weight back in just a few months!

      I think diet and exercise are the way to go, even though it's just so damn hard!



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