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Are you happy with the life you have chosen?

Updated on October 5, 2012

Are you happy with the life you have chosen?

Some of us seem to think that life has just happened to them and that they have no control. Well believe it or not you are exactly where you have chosen to be. You are the choice maker of your choices and this is where it has led you. So if you would like to change where you are today and get to some other place of being, that is your choice too. Think of it as an emotional GPS system and input where it is you would like to be from where you are now. This way you can start heading off in the correct direction to get to where it is you want to be. It doesn't happen over night but it eventually happens if you keep moving in the direction of where you desire. It's as simple as that. Somehow we seem to get stuck in our comfort zone and are afraid to move forward , for fear of the unknown. But, really it is the known as other people have gotten there so why is it different for you? Just like someone driving from N.Y. to California there are many choices in the directions to get there, which path will you choose? The easiest fastest way? The long and scenic way? The choice is all up to you. Many of us choose the long and sceinic route and get upset that we're not there yet. It's very comical because we thought the scenic route would be the most fun, but, instead it ends up being the most difficult and grueling. But since we are the choice maker of our choices we can't complain because this is the route we chose. So the question now arises, Are you happy with the life you have chosen? If not how will you change your course for the better? Will you take the slow and scenic route or the quickest way? or something in between?

Whatever you decide, I hope you end up in the happy place you desire and that you have the most perfect life you could have ever imagined for yourself. Have a blessed and wonderfilled day and life. Happy choice making to you!!!!


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