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Do you sometimes feel you are just filling up time and taking up space?

Updated on August 29, 2012

I used to tease my kids, when for some reason they insisted on lingering in the kitchen while I was cooking, that they were just taking up space. Then I usually chased them out of the kitchen with a dishtowel for added emphasis to get lost. This little kitchen scene and the endearing sarcasm to my kids that they were just taking us space has been a humorous reminiscence to my family. But the sentiment of accusing someone of, “taking up space” came back to haunt me recently. The other night as I was wrapping up my thoughts for the night, I began to chastise myself for doing exactly what I had joked with my kids about years ago, taking up space in the big Universal kitchen. I had the thought that my entire day was comprised of filling up precious time and taking up space in an otherwise dynamic universe.

I have spent the last 10 years on a mission to expand my consciousness and to have a much deeper relationship with Universal Love, or God. What I have discovered is that we do matter in ways that sometimes are unknown to us. So having a moment of feeling like my existence for this day did not matter was disturbing. I spent the next couple of days thinking about why I felt this way and what I could do about it going forward.

As I am sure you are aware by now, you mind is constantly sending you messages and making judgments about you. It’s an interesting paradox that we allow our brain and subconscious mind to dictate to a more conscious part of the mind, when both are within the domain of our control. Another element that is forgotten or ignored is an even higher consciousness that is available to us as well. To begin to corral the chaos that sometimes goes on in our head, including the harsh criticisms and judgment we make on just about everything, the first action we should take is to develop a sense awareness. And we should quickly marry our blossoming awareness to a non-judgmental reaction to new thoughts as they are presented to us.

In fact, if I had not been working on becoming more aware, I may very well have let that diminishing thought about my day just go on by to become another contributing synoptic neuropath in the subconscious mind. It could have later potentially caused me a great deal of stress or anxiety about my value. It is my awareness that helps to raise up these non-serving thoughts and provide me an opportunity to study them, with compassion to the self, and to identify a deeper source for these feelings.

In my book, Finding Home Breaking Free from Limits, I discuss the process that we go through to develop this “little voice” in our head and I also share an entire toolbox of tools that can be used to help develop qualities for personal and personal freedom. When we discover that what we have been telling ourselves with these jabs of self criticism is not true, it gives us the space and the freedom to bring out our higher qualities. Awareness helps us identify these errant thoughts as simply a construct of some story we have made up in our sub-conscious mind, which I like to call the “tiny” mind, (in this case tiny being a reference to quality as opposed to quantity).

In my case, for this particular sentiment (taking up space or filling up time), I chose to replace any feelings of disappointment or failure about myself with compassionate understanding that I absolutely do the best I can every single day. The next day, as I spent quite a bit of time contemplating my uncomfortable feelings from the night before, I realized that when I give power to these feelings, they become bigger than me in my mind. So my “feelings” of failure become me for that moment. But our thoughts are NOT us, ever. When I reflected, I began to feel extremely grateful that I knew this (that our thoughts are not us), and that I would not allow diminishing thoughts to consume me or define me.

As a writer, or really for any profession, there will certainly be days that we did not reach the goals we had set out for ourselves. But, there is a logic and reason within the flow of the Universe that sometimes we simply cannot see. Perhaps in my case, my perceived unproductive day was a opportunity for me to go through this reflection. Certainly, after having reflected about my feelings towards myself and my purpose in life, I had a renewed sense of purpose and value.

Overall, the result of my experience was that I made an intention to apply more focus on two areas of my being that will open up additional possibilities towards personal and spiritual empowerment. First; by continuing to use spiritual tools and practices to gain more awareness, and second; to renew a sense of value and worth within my identity and daily activities. It is true that part of this plan could be about organizing my tasks or schedule better, and maybe I will, but for this article, the focus of my intention is towards knowing that I do actually fill up space, in a perfect way, and that every moment is spent exactly as it needs to be. Below are a few of the thoughts and actions I took to enhance these intentions.

To feel like I get the most out of every day:

  • · I intend to grow a little more every day
  • · I intend to add a little more gratitude to my daily gratitude practice
  • · I intend to trust myself more
  • · I celebrate every day because of my gifts and skills
  • · I intend to add a little more time to my daily meditation
  • · I intend to value myself by honoring my choices, passions, and dreams

To expand and enhance my sense of awareness:

  • · I intend to question arising thoughts that create negative emotions
  • · I intend to frequently “check-in” to insure that my mind is the present moment
  • · I intend to accept the present moment, no matter what appears to be happening
  • · I will continue to use my spiritual tools, such as journaling or meditating, to raise my sense of awareness and explore what I discover

Pleased to meet you!

Joleen Halloran is the author of Finding Home - Breaking Free from Limits under the pseudo name of Joleen Bridges. This book represents over 10 years of research and inspiration in personal and spiritual empowerment and provides readers with a pathway to overcome limits and discover authentic divine qualities in their lives and to live a life of unbounded freedom. .

Additionally Joleen is the owner of ZoomIT Marketing, a social media and internet marketing coaching and training company. Joleen's business background includes extensive experience in project management, leadership, specializing in motivational techniques and corporate culture.

Beyond Joleen's professional life, she is an avid reader and researcher of books and other materials related to her profession, but also to her special passion, which is metaphysical and spirituality topics. You can find out more about Joleen's book at her books website, Additional articles of a spiritual and inspirational nature can be found at the book's website as well. The book is available for purchase at Amazon and at a discounted price directly from the books website.

Awareness and Intention - Recommended Reading


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    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 4 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Interesting insights, mindful moments, quiet thoughts and meditation were all my intentions that came up when reading your hub. Great concepts and reading list. Congrats on your book, another new read for me to explore.

    • joleenbridges profile image

      Joleen 5 years ago from Lee's Summit

      I take your opinion very seriously. I will be considering in my future hubs. I am quite sure that if you felt that way, others might also. Thanks!

    • OTEE profile image

      OTEE 5 years ago from India

      Joleen, there's nothing wrong in promoting one's book. I feel it would be better if you made references to your book at the end of the hub, rather than at the middle. Keeping promotion subtle would be much more effective. It is just my opinion, others might think differently.

    • joleenbridges profile image

      Joleen 5 years ago from Lee's Summit

      Hi OTEE - thank you so much for your feedback. I assume that "jarring" is bad :(-

      I can't deny that part of the reason I am a HubPages author is to promote my book - is it bad that I brought it up? It is very relative to this topic?

      I would love to hear an experienced Hubbers opinion. Blessings - Joleen

    • OTEE profile image

      OTEE 5 years ago from India

      A very good hub. Your sentence, " ... knowing that I do actually fill up space, in a perfect way, and that every moment is spent exactly as it needs to be." sums up the hub beautifully.

      PS: Referring to your book in the middle of the hub had a slightly jarring effect on me. It's just my own POV, but I thought that I should let you know.

      PPS: Perhaps this too was meant to be. :)