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Are you loosing power and gaining pain in your body.

Updated on July 23, 2015


If you are feeling pain in your joints and difficulty in moving joints.Doctor say this problem often found between people of age group 30 to 50. Here are some symptoms.

1. Pain in many joints or any particular joint .
2. Pain may shift from one place to another
3. Some time it leads to swelling.
4. Is your is body is hard and not so much flexible .
5. Body gains some weight but not the power.


If you are having deficiency of calcium. The bones gets weaker and muscles pains after some work. Pains shifts in different part of your body like muscles and bones. Even calcium is not helping to get rid of the problem . Than it is possible that there is lack of vitamin D in your body.
Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium in body .So it is suggested to go under sun in the morning , first sunrise hour,body will make vitamin D in the sunlight.

Test of vitamin D:
it can checked by the blood test after doctor prescription of Doctor and for treatment you need to take remedy three to four week.

Home remedies:
You can take one tomato daily.
Drink cow milk and dairy products.
Take leafy vegetables .


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