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Are you really happy?

Updated on January 20, 2010




Are you happy?

My question you see

Please don’t start listing your material greed

And go into all your accomplishments and titles

The vehicle’s purchased with upgraded options


Are you happy?

Do you smile more than you frown?

Do you laugh at yourself when you almost trip and fall down?

When in the grocery line and someone’s in front, do you smile at their kids?

Do you spread joy where you go and where you live?


Are you happy?

Is your life full and enriched?

By the lives you touch with your unique gift?

Do you build others up and find positive things to say?

Or do you grumble bah-hum-bug and send others on their way?


Are you happy?

Everyday is not always the brightest

But don’t walk around with a cloud of dirt like Pig Pen

Do you start everyday hoping its good?

Or do you brace yourself for the battle that will ensure?


Are you happy?

Have you told someone dear you love them today?

Or maybe gave them an extra long hug before sending them on their way?

Do you realize the key to happiness is in you?

Or do you let the world take you on a roller coaster loop?


Are you happy?

With your life, your career, your day?

Or do you rush into everyday hoping to get it out of the way?

Do you stop to just be a kid-play arcade games and play on the swings?

Or do you dive into your career, alienating yourself, while obtaining things/


Are you happy?

Do you laugh at least 10 times per day?

Or do you wear a sign that reads “stay out of my way”?

Do you say positive things to others and complement without stutter or hesitation?

Or do you try to punish others and approach others like a one man renegade nation?


Are you happy?

Happiness has nothing to do with circumstance

But the beautiful person sometimes inside us we keep at bay

Overwhelming situations are often temporary

So smile and know you will one day live a life contrary

The most precious moments in our lives when you think out it

So seldom revolve around money and trinkets


Two memories that stick with me:

1. My mom laughing at me as a kid when I burned my nose gulping soda pop too quickly

2. The day my late uncle walked with my cousins and I to the country store-who could ask for more?


We spend our lives being consumed about our career and pay

Instead of being happy we awoke to enjoy another day


These thoughts may mean something to you if you see the tragedy that I do.

People with money, people with careers, and perfect lives if you’re outside looking in;

These same people are often crying for help, drowning themselves in drugs/alcohol/addictions that ruin their lives and health.

How many of us walk around every day but never stop to tell you fellow man “hello” or “good day”?

I’m just saying we’ve got to spread a little more cheer because your smile and hello could go a long way

To someone else who might now say; “Thank God I needed that today”


Happiness is a drug that’s is legal to do

It’s so infectious that it makes you pass it on too

It makes your days full and bright

And carries into your evening and night

It’s purely your choice to participate or not

Glass half-empty or half-full is strictly your lot

Sometimes we spend our lives in search of something

We might have always had available but just couldn’t see


Money is great but you get more you spend more

Fame is wonderful but of the cameras you will bore

Three jobs for more cash is not the early heart-attack and missing dad

Vacations are meant for a time out from the usual beat

So never miss any. Go out and vacation anywhere you can afford to be

At least once a year you should go and lye on a beach

Stop and just listen to life and appreciate what nature provides

Spend time with family and friends

People not things make the best dividends

On at least two holidays a year, don’t email and text message

It’s better for them to hear your voice and talk

Just break out the phone book, don’t fret or balk

Be grateful and thankful even when you suffer losses

Because at least you’re alive to fret about the costs

Be kind to those whom you encounter

Let them see the sunshine and encourage laughter

To smile is better than to frown

Who needs to walk around with turned up brow


Thank you for reading my thoughts

You’re a beautiful person if you pass it on

May blessings and peace follow you on your path as you move along


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