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Are You Stressed? Here’s How a Nap Might Help

Updated on July 25, 2019
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An anti-stress dose (NAP).Napping supports our memory, opens up our inventiveness, and reduces stress.


Are you stressed? Here’s how a nap might help

Are you stressed? Here’s how a nap might help


Physical and mental changes in human behavior are the symptoms of stress, which requires an adjustment or response. Stress can damage you mentally as well as physically.

Nowadays, stress is common in human life, and it becomes a very serious problem in youth and aged peoples.

When you are in deep thoughts of something, which disturbs you mentally or when you had less sleep in the night, it means, you are becoming the patient of stress. Stress always leads you to the loss as it destroys your mental condition, which causes physical disturbance to your body as well.

It’s a fact that poor sleep or unhealthy sleep can increase stress levels and when you have high-level stress, sleep will be more difficult for you. It can lead to disorders, which cause sleep deprivation. So are you stressed how to get better sleep, no worries just take a healthy nap in the daytime and feel to refresh?

A night of healthy sleep can reduce the effects of stress, and you will recover soon from stress. According to researchers, a little nap can help you with relieving stress.

Stress affects your health:

The human body has the potential to experience stress and react to it.

The one who works overtime without taking rest builds stress-related issues for him/herself. Observation says that women take more stress than men: to maintain everything of her daily life like family job children etc. They also forget to take care of their own; they did not sleep well in the night and taking unhealthy sleep causes stress after some time, and it sucks their happiness and put them in very high-level stress.

Causes of stress:

  1. Extra work pressure
  2. Unhealthy Sleep (Sleep deprivation)
  3. Overthinking
  4. Losing or gaining weight
  5. Mood swings
  6. Distance from your beloved ones
  7. Loss of interest
  8. Busy life schedule
  9. Unable to live life happily

Precautions for stress:

As stress affects you mentally and physically, so it is better to take precaution and say good-bye to stress.

To stress out quickly, taking a quick and healthy powernap is the best way suggested by doctors as well, so decorate your bed with a most expensive mattress to get a restful and comfortable sleep.

Daily exercise and yoga will help you to be fit and maintain your body properly. You will become stress-free. With the help of yoga, you feel calmness inside, and get relief from your problems.

Firstly, give time to yourself and love yourself, happiness is the key to become healthy and stress-free and explore yourself.

Take a healthy diet in a scheduled way, to maintain your health and prevent yourself from health risks.

As I have already discussed above, Napping is the key factor to keep you stress-free.

So are you stressed? Here is how you can be stress-free with a little nap.

An anti-stress dose (NAP):

Has it ever happened with you that deplorable weariness of the early evening, the laziness that saps all your vitality directly after lunch? If you had faced it or still facing this, then you are not the only one. What's more, it might be an ideal opportunity to admit that taking a nap and slowing down can impact a big difference for productivity.

Napping supports our memory, opens up our inventiveness, and reduces stress. At the end of the day, a rest causes us to stay healthy. So just forget the espresso (coffee) or the Red Bull, at this moment take a quick nap. This could be the ideal start of your day.

According to our psychologist, napping improves our immune defenses and reduces the stress hormone i.e cortisol. 20 minutes of sleep boost up your creativity and refresh you also increase your intellectual capacity by 20%. So, a 20-minute sleep( Nap ) is much better than the 2 hours sleep in your working period.

Types of Napping:

Planned napping:

When you know that you are tired, you need some rest and you get sleepy while working, you may use this technique for refreshing yourself.

Emergency napping:

It occurs when you suddenly fall asleep by getting tired and unable to continue your work that nap comes under emergency napping.

Habitual Napping:

This occurs mostly in young children; they fall asleep every day at the same time of the day or night. It is practiced on a daily basis. This napping is called as habitual napping.

For a good nap, here are some circumstances which you should follow

Pick the spot for the rest.

A nap isn't taken in bed, which is saved for the evening. You can nap on a sofa, chair, or on a lounger— the key is to be as relax and comfortable as could be allowed. Be that as it may, most importantly, distance yourself from noise.

Switch off your phone and keep it away from you

So, in order to take a nap quickly, you need to wipe out the fear of being irritated. Switch off your phone, and close the door of the room and make sure that no one can disturb you for the next 20 minutes. This will make it simpler to nap.

Keep the room lighter

To wake up fresh in the morning, turn on the lights of the room and so leave the blinds open and simply put on a sleep mask if the light is annoying you.

Locate a decent position

To jump rapidly into rest, your body must be as relaxed as possible. Make sure to fix your tie or unbutton your shirt. Significant: Do not fold your legs.

Set your alarm: A quick nap certainly affects your capacity to embrace new things. Be that as it may, dozing longer than 20 minutes can rather burden the remainder of your day. You will finish up inclination tired. So remember to set your morning timer.

It’s important to take a healthy nap when you cannot sleep for a long time, just take a nap to make yourself stress-free and enjoy your work, enjoy your life.


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    • Lorna Lamon profile image

      Lorna Lamon 

      8 months ago

      I think it's great if you can fit a nap into your working life. There are some offices in London who have rooms where you can relax and take a power nap if needed during the day. As a result the staff are healthier and more productive. Great tips.


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