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Are you suffering from Cystitis?

Updated on October 12, 2012

Many Doctors have found that women have a shorter passage called“Urethra” than men, it is a tube like structure whichcarries urine to thebladder. This passage i

Nowdays, people are moreconscious about their health problems and every time it is not possible to visit a Doctor when you are in extreme discomfort and suffering.These infections make your lives miserable and you needproper medical care to help.

Bladder infections are very much common among women and they are more prone to inflammation of bladder than men. The Inflammation of lower urinary tract (lining of bladder) is also known as Cystitis. The infection is mainly caused by E.coli, a bacterium which normally lives in the human gut.

Why women are more prone to cystitis?

Many Doctors have found that women have a shorter passage called“Urethra” than men, it is a tube like structure whichcarries urine to thebladder. This passage is only one and half inch long. Woman’s urethrais alsopresent close to their genital organs- Vagina and Anus; because of this shorter passage various strains of E. coli bacterium easily enter into the urinary tract.

What are the common causes of Cystitis?

· During menstrual cycle, women usually insert tampon instead of using pads. They usually prefer tampon when they are going out for swimming. These tampons sometimes help the bacteria to enter the urethra.

· While diagnosising bladder conditions, a clinical procedure is conducted called urinary cauterization in which a catheter is inserted into women’s bladder through urethra. Sometimes damagemay bethere during cauterization and this damage also leads to infection.

· Women during their menopause also get infected as the lining of urethra becomes much thinner and the urethra is on higher risk of damage. This damage is good for E. coli to cause infection as the estrogen level is low during menopause.

· Women who are indulging moreenthusiastically in sexual activities can damage their genital organs and they are on high risk of being infected.

· A woman during their pregnancy phase does not empty her urinary bladder properly; this creates proper conditions for bacteria to grow in the bladder and sometimes woman also suffers from kidney problems.

What are the Symptoms of Cystitis?

Women usually pass very dark and cloudy urine with some traces of blood, at every time of their passage a small amount of urine is passed with a strong pungent smell and they feel a burning sensation during their urination. They also feel discomfort and pain in their lower back, area above the pubic bone and in abdomen.

What to do when you have Cystitis?

Most of the time during discomfort conditions and in pain everyone needs help from someone who can help relieve the suffering. There are many home remedies and measures that will take care of your bladder and you are easily help yourself on your own.

Women should drink natural Cranberry Juice which is rich in minerals and also enriched with essential natural resources such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. The Cranberry juice also contains Vitamin-C which helps in maintaining good balance between bacteria and urino-genital tract health. They can also go for the alternative natural supplements over regular pain killers. D-mannose, Natures Biotic are the natural herbs which inhibit the activity of E. coli to infect the mucosa lining of bladder. Women suffering from Cystitis must drink plenty of water or fluids and they have to lower down the consumption of alcohol.

These home remedies are very much essential for curing urinary infections and also the discomfort subsides within couples of days. Women should also get an appointment from their Doctors if they suspect any symptoms and they must go for professional diagnostic procedure.


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