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Arm Workouts (Guys/Girls)

Updated on May 24, 2016

Motivation and rules

If you have read my leg workout post, you will know what workouts work best for you and I will be releasing a sample planner on how to do workouts according to preference, reps, sets and time management once I have finished the workouts themselves just as i did for my leg workout Hub. Any questions? Comment below. I have been working out for close to 10 or more years and I can honestly say I know what I am doing, but there is never enough knowledge. Find your motive, be passionate about your body and health and do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Why? Because many of the top fitness models or lifters have a story and everyone starts off somewhere. Either is for your family, girlfriend, boyfriend or for whoever you want to look good for... just remember that most importantly you are doing this for yourself . So here are my top arm exercises:

Tricep Overview

The tricep consist of three heads which are the long head, medial head and the lateral head. These workouts help you workout out on all heads and provide impressive results no matter on your muscle goals. Below is a picture that illustrates the tricep's muscle separation.


1) Close grip bench press (Overall)

An overall workout that works on all the heads is the close grip bench press that could be done either on a smith machine or regular free weight bar. It is very similar to the bench press, but the close grip allows your tricep to do most of the work and activate all the heads. M tips for this is to:

  1. Lay down on the bench with the desired weight and align your eyes where the bar in right above your eyes with the hand placement just inside shoulder with. The bar should be placed high enough where your arms are almost fully locked out for easy unhooking of the bar to do a rep.
  2. Make sure just like any workout, control your breathing and stay tight while you go down to your chest and exhale as you push up with your feet firmly on the floor. The elbows should be tucked close into your body and pushing outwards with your elbows causes your shoulder to do most of the work.
  3. Push upward and not forward then repeat the motion


2) Dips (Overall)

Yet another overall tricep workout that requires all heads to activate. The best part is that you can do tips if you are a beginner or an advanced lifter. Advanced lifters will simply just add weight by holding it between their legs or with a belt and do dips. How do you do dips? You can begin by :

  1. Get on a dip machine and make sure your hands are almost as even on both sides and get into the dip position where your arms are extended and your legs are crossed.
  2. Begin to dip into a 90 degree if not lower position with your feet still crossed and push back up then repeat the motion.
  3. If you are a beginner and need assistance, you can have someone grab your feet and help you up to get used to the motion or you can get into a dip position and slowly go down and repeat the motion even if you have to do one at a time.


3) Overhead Extension (Long/Medial)

Working the lateral and medial head ( look above for details on muscle group) this exercise really helps the stretch and contraction. You can also do regular tricep rope extension from the top position and extending the rope downward to work the lateral head . This exercise goes as follows (Overhead) :

  1. Using a rope, set up the weight and height at the lowest point on the machine.
  2. Grab the rope and position yourself facing away from the rope as it is above your head as the picture shows.
  3. Contract at the top with your hands fully extended and stretch back down slowly to keep constant resistance.


4) Kickbacks (Lateral)

The best part about kickbacks is that once you get to isolating the tricep as you kickback, you really get that nice tight feeling that gives you the best results. Just create a mental note that you are focusing on squeezing at the very top point and not just swinging your arm back and forward. My top tips are:

  1. Position your body in a bench or leaning up on a bench where your knees are bend and your body is leaning forward as the picture shows. Hold the dumbbell ( go semi light) in a 90 degree angle where this angle becomes your starting position and ending position.
  2. Once you have this angle while leaning forward, you will basically kick-out the dumbbell with the upper arm staying in position and keeping the dumbbell close to your body.
  3. Basically all that is moving is the forearm and as you kick the dumbbell out then repeat the motion.


Bicep Overview

The bicep is the smallest muscle in your body and it has its individual parts such as the brachialis, brachioradialis and bicep brachii. For the sake of the simplicity, lets stick to the middle, out part of the bicep and inner part. If you ever run across people who do not really train which high quality, they tend to not fully stretch while performing a bicep curl to the bottom and bringing it up to contract at the very top.These small errors can lead to not having proper form or produce quality muscle.

1) Straight Bar Curl (Overall)

This exercise can vary depending on preference and can be done with a straight bar or ez bar. A good mental note is that the more out you go on your hand placement, the more you work on the exterior bicep and the more inside, the more you workout on the anterior part of the bicep. To perform this exercise you must:

  1. Be shoulder with apart and grasp the bar according to targeted goal and keep your arms close to your body.
  2. Begin with a stabled back without swinging and curl up to your chest and back down while controlling the weight.
  3. As you go up, remember to keep those elbows and arms close to your torso.
  4. Squeeze at the top and go down to stretch the bicep and repeat the motion.


2) One Arm Concentration Curls(Overall)

This exercise helps out with the peek of your bicep and really allows for the bicep to do all the work which gives off a great benefit. This exercise can vary with the option of doing it with a dumbbell or barbell. My tips on performing this exercise are :

  1. Grab the desired dumbbell and lean up on the concentrated machine.
  2. begin with the bar or dumbbell at the top curling position and squeeze the bar as you go down to almost at the point of extending your arm(s) all the way out.
  3. Squeeze back up to the top and repeat the motion with both arms .


3) Hammer Curls (Outer)

Another dumbbell exercise that works great is the hammer curls to work primarily on the exterior part of the bicep or known as your braquial anterior . To perform this you need to:

  1. Grab two dumbbells of equal weight and stand up in a straight position and grab them as they are placed right next to your hips.
  2. Begin to curl straight upward as if you were going to hammer something . Just like any other exercise, squeeze up top and control it going down as you repeat the motion.
  3. Avoid using your shoulder as you curl up and keep the arms close to your torso at all times to avoid letting your elbows stick out as you do a curl.


4) Incline Inner Bicep Curls (Inner)

A great inner bicep curl that has been used since the beginning of lifting is inner bicep curls. This provides a great focus on the inside of the bicep from the incline sitting position due to stability and using your bicep to do all the work without any support.To perform this exercise you will begin by:

  1. Grab the desired equal dumbbell weight and sit down on an incline bench.
  2. Next with the elbows tucked in and arms slightly tilting outward, you will begin to squeeze up.
  3. Slowly go down and repeat the motion.



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