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"Armored Sleep" Makes for a Fuller Life

Updated on September 7, 2009

Protected Sleep Shakes "Electronic Blues"

      Man, I finally slept without ANY electronic-suggestion being inserted into my consciousness.  Take one 100 Mg. Trazodone and place under tongue with amped-headphone music jamming that "urban pacification frequency".  I could hear music that I couldn't identify in my dreams and my dreams were MINE.  No "you are weak" conditioning!

    I normally go to bed with my ears ringing.  I have to draw out the ee!ee!ee! into eeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeee just to get enough calm to make it to sleep.  The Trazodone (a non-addictive sleep aid) kicks in and takes me under, but I still get these dreams that aren't mine.  Without a doubt, it's possible to make someone have "bad dreams" or even brainwashing dreams.  Example:  it's your Final Exam day and you miss the test and flunk college.  This group claiming to be "organized homosexuality" likes to call their dehumanizing mind-bending as "School".  They attack you during your sleep to make you psychologically weak.  You wake up feeling like sh6t, confused and mentally-restricted.  Then they bother you all day with the same crap.  When the person is worn down and stressed-out enough.......they produce the illusion that a slimy alien creature is trying to claw it's way into your mind and TAKE OVER for you.  When this happened to me, I had to think the most violent/awful stuff to demonstrate to myself what I'd rather do than let this slimy bastard in. 

    You can avoid all this B.S. by literally JAMMING the ear-ringing cr6p these people use to make us weaker in the first place.  Normally, I wake up feeling crappy and mentally "locked in".  It's like my mind got a lead blanket thrown over it while I was asleep.  Usually, I get dreams in which I cannot perform the tasks I need to at: work, the gym and life in general.  This is how our society controls people who would normally be out stirring things up.  That's why we have a society that is such a drag.  No intensity, no running, no yelling, no falling down, no passionate swearing, no passionate sex.  It's all MECHANICAL and so "clean" that people resemble robots instead of human beings!  There are no human smells or sounds, just a deathly quiet (unless you count the clicks, pops, bleeps, "loud noises" which your artificially hyper-sensitized ears cannot bear, or other sounds designed to PROGRAM the human brain until it looks more like a machine). 

     I normally wear earplugs to bed (which DOES help), but if you want to wake up with your FREE-WILL fully are going to have to take it further.  I discovered this new technique last night because the bastards "turned up the heat on me" for having a super-intense workout that their "stooges" couldn't tone down.  I sweated, grunted, occassionally cussed, REALLY PUSHED myself.  It seemed like something was trying to "turn me down".  When I got home, they hit me with this high-pitched whine that would have been un-bearable were it not for my trusty I-pod/Headphone Amplifier/Awesome Music.  To ENTIRELY kill it, I put a (legally-precribed) Clonopin under the tongue + one legally-prescribed Zoloft (chew it up and swallow it because it will FRY your tongue).  If you don't have access to these medications, go to Wal-Mart where you can get 75 IMODIUM TABS for 7 dollars.  Chew them and place several under the tongue when being electronically-attacked.  Put on the loudest music you can possibly stand (I bought a headphone Amplifier for 75 bucks to avoid getting noise complaints) and within 20 minutes you won't even care about these goons and their "acoustic attack".

    I woke up this morning to music I Love.  I asked myself THIS question: "What would I LIKE to do today?"  I swear to you that very few people do that anymore.  They are too busy trying to survive something that they can't see, touch or stop.  Well, now we CAN stop it.  It's all about OUR EARS.  These "too-perfect-missing-something" people are called "dog people" because they do exactly whatever they are told by that awful ringing in their ears.  Don't let these creeps "train" you to be a mindless DOG, Jam them with music and the right meds and anything else you can come up with then..............TELL EVERYONE ELSE!    


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