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Army Recruiter Diets

Updated on August 8, 2015

Plenty of people want to lose weight and if you ask anyone about weight loss they are all more likely to say that they want to lose weight quick. Most diets that promise to help lose weight quickly aren't actually healthy for you.

Absolutely any access weight is looked at in a very negative light in today's society. People look to movie stars and models for tips on how to stay fit and skinny when "skinny” isn't exactly the same thing as "healthy. Although too much fat is not good for your body, lacking in muscle is not good either. Many people who are worried about their figure do not keep this in mind when they are trying to choose a diet plan.

Water Wight

If you lose more than two pounds per week you are actually getting rid of mostly water weight and muscle mass. Your body can be lacking what it needs and this can cause dehydration. The weight can also come back very quickly. By choosing a healthy diet, it may take more time to lose the weight; however, your will be healthy and will not suffer from dehydration or lack of other much needed nutrients.

Muscle Loss

Losing muscle mass due to dieting can be very difficult to get back. In order for your body to be healthy, you need muscle and rather than skin and bones. Starvation and dietary supplements cause your body to lose a lot of calories that it needs. A healthy diet includes both healthy eating and exercise. Cutting back on too many calories could be like slowly starving your body of the nutrients that it needs to survive. It is very important to pay attention to calories along with exercise routines.

Army Recruiter Diets

The diets that an army recruiter would suggest are very unlikely to be a quick one. This is because the military wants people to be strong and physically healthy. The military would rather you take the time to change your eating and exercising habits and become healthy completely than drop your weight quickly and be lacking in multiple areas.

Recruiters often suggest specific diets and meetings with dieticians so that you can improve your overall health and not get caught in the "yo-yo affect”, when people gain and lose the weight over and over again.

Quick Claims

Don't be fooled into starting a diet based on claims that it will be quick and easy. When it comes to your health you should put in effort to keep yourself feeling good and tone. Living a healthier lifestyle doesn't just help you feel better about yourself but has many physical benefits including longer life span and less likely to develop diseases or other health problems.

Keeping weight off, being stronger and healthier will help you in the long run. Anyone who is considering taking the advice of an army recruiter on weight loss and exercise advice is much better off than using quick diets that don't work long term sometimes turn out to be harmful rather than beneficial.


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