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Aromatherapy Cold Remedy

Updated on March 15, 2011

Aromatherapy for Colds

Aromatherapy can be a great way to relieve headaches, stuffy noses and sore throats associated with colds.
Aromatherapy can be a great way to relieve headaches, stuffy noses and sore throats associated with colds.

Aromatherapy Cold Remedies

Aromatherapy has long been known for its beneficial properties Using aromatherapy you can help sooth blocked noses, headaches, coughs, sore throats, and more, with some simple aromatherapy cold remedies.

As well as aromatherapy you can always look in to using herbal remedies or lavender bags to help deal with the day to day symptoms of a cold or flu. However even without these, aromatherapy cold remedies can help you beat the symptoms of these draining illnesses.

Despite the simplicity behind aromatherapy treatments for colds, you do need to know which oils wil give which effects. Here I will give you some of the basic oils used in aromatherapy cold remedies, and how they will make you feel better in no time!

How Can I Use Aromatherapy Oils?

You can use Aromatherapy oils in a variety of ways, including in massage, in oil burners, or even by placing a few drops in your bath. Aromatherapy is an easy way to relieve some common symptoms of every day ailments, without risking the side affects of modern medicine.

Anyone can learn to use aromatherapy, and with some invaluable techniques, or simply by deciding to buy aromatherapy oil burners, you can eaily use some simple aromatherapy cold remedies to help get over a cold or flu.

Aromatherpy Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is regualrly used in aromatherapy to treat colds and flu. Aromatherapy Eucalyptus oil can be used as both a stimulant, decongestant, antiviral, and antiseptic. Using eucalyptus in aromatherapy helps with all these issues, and more. To use eucalyptus oils in aromatherapy to treat colds and flu you can put it in your bath, via steam inhilation, in an oil burner, or even when getting a massage.

The stimulating scent of this aromatherapy peppermint oil makes it ideal to use during the day when you need to be active.

Aromatherapy Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a mild decongestant, and relaxant, altough it does also prevent sleep with some people.  Peppermint can help as a decongestant, and also has some antibacterial, and antiviral properties.  Peppermint is rarely strong enough to be used in a bath, but is often a few drops are added to massage oils, or a vapourizer, can be extremely effective.

Aromatherapy Oregano Oil

Oragano Oil is an especially useful oil to place in oil burners The use of oregano in aromatherapy is used to help build up the immmune system of the body. Oregano needs to be used sparingly due to its high potency. Oregano can be mixed with other aromatherapy oils to create a spicy pleasant smell.

Oregano Oil can be used sparingly on adults when mixed with massage oils, however it can be highly irritating to some peoples skin, and should not be used on pregnant women or children.

Aromatherapy Lavender Oil

Using Lavender oil in aromatherapy helps people find relief when suffering from congested nose and lungs.  Lavender also has some fantastic relaxing properties, and can be used to help people sleep despite the effects of cold and flu.

Aromatherapy Lavender oils make a life a little bit easier and make for a brilliant aromatherapy cold remedy.  Remember however that lavender can be fairly irritating to skin by itself, so be careful before applying direct to skin!

Aromatherapy Cold Remedy

Using oil burners with a mixture of these oils, and others, can provide great additional relief for colds and flu.  These aromatherapy cold remedies can help even the most persistant of colds nothing more than a little sniffle.

Using an Aromatherapy cold remedy can help sooth a lot of the symptoms of a cold, however you should also take vitamins, and even some herbal remedies to help naturally cure a cold.


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    • PiaC profile image

      PiaC 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      Wow! I had no idea that lavender oil had such healing properties! I'll have to try it out the next time we have a cold.