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Aromatherapy Facial Steam

Updated on August 9, 2014

Soothe your skin with aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Steam for Your Skin

An aromatherapy facial steam can help you unwind and relax as you steam your pores and gently remove toxins clogging your skin. Learn how to prepare your very own spa-style aromatherapy facial in just 5 minutes, and then treat yourself to an aromatherapy facial steam once a week.

Benefits of Facial Steaming

The moisture in gentle steam heat can open up your pores and push toxins to the surface. This can make you skin appear more even and your pores look smaller. The steam also adds moisture back to your skin, which makes this treatment essential for relieving dry winter skin.

Aromatherapy essential oils can offer a range of compatible benefits when steaming your face. Select the aromatherapy oil that is right for your mood or your skincare needs -- or just go with a scent you enjoy!

Choosing an Essential Oil for DIY Facial Steam

While there are many different essential oils you can use for skincare, the following are easily found in natural stores and offer skincare and mood benefits:

  • Chamomile - Soothing chamomile will calm your spirits and gently moisten sensitive skin.
  • Clary sage - Helps to soothe skin during hormonal changes.
  • Eucalyptus - This refreshing scent will awaken tired spirits and soothe oily or troubled skin.
  • Frankincense - Ideal for dry skin.
  • Geranium - Good for normal, oily, and dry skin.
  • Lavender - Ideal for normal or dry skin and mentally soothing.
  • Lemongrass - The zesty citrus scent will refresh tired spirits and soothe oily or troubled skin.
  • Rose - Offers hormone balancing properties for mature skin.
  • Tea Tree - Ideal for zit-busting.

Note: If you have congestion in the winter, you may also find it helpful to steam your face with eucalyptus essential oil.

How to Prepare Your DIY Aromatherapy Facial Steam

Add two cups of water to a pot. Bring the water to just under a boil, so that steam is created. Pour or ladle the water into a wide ceramic bowl. Then add 5 drops of your chosen essential oil to the hot water. The water should immediately distill the oil.

Sit or stand with your face over the bowl to receive the maximum steam benefits. Drape a towel over your head to create a steam tent that keeps the steam in the area where it can do you the most good. Relax for up to 10 minutes.

If the water becomes too cold, you can pour more hot water into the bowl. Alternately, you can turn the burner off and add the essential oils directly to your pot of water. If the water becomes too cold and the steam subsides, heat the water gently to create more steam.

Other Uses for Aromatherapy Essential Oils


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