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Aromatherapy Scented Candles – Everything You Need to Know

Updated on July 22, 2009

Why Aromatherapy Scented Candles?

Aromatherapy scented candles have been since the term “Aromatherapy” was first used in 1928 by René-Maurice Cattefossé. These amazing candles provide an olfactory benefit of traditional scented candles, designed for maximum scent and minimum odors from the burning of wax, paraffin, and other chemicals.

There are many kinds of aromatherapy scents as well as considerations when searching for the ideal aromatherapy candle. Below I will outline some of the basics of aromatherapy as well as help you determine the best aromatherapy scent for your lifestyle.

Who uses aromatherapy candles? Since most candles are used for therapeutic reasons and are popular in holistic health and medicine – popular with massage therapists, herbalists, and candle lovers alike.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before you purchase an aromatherapy scented candle:

1) Is it soy wax, soy-vegetable blend, or paraffin?
2) Is the scent derived from plant-based essential oils, or is it synthetic?
3) How long will the candle burn?
4) Is the wick clean-burning cotton based or another type?

Below outlines some tips to finding the best candles.

The Wax Matters - Soy Wax, Soy-Vegetable Blend, and Paraffin Wax

There are many kinds of wax bases for aromatherapy scented candles. Ideally, you want the cleanest burning, most natural waxes and scents for your candles optimum benefit.

A true aromatherapy scented candle must have a soy-based wax to keep out the added scent of the wax and the wick of the candle. A soy-based wax will have no added artificial or burning scent that interferes with the aromatherapy benefits of the candle.

However, pure soy-based candles can sometimes be very low density and soft texture, making it easy to manipulate, like putty. Blending the soy candles with vegetable wax ensures they’ll stay stronger for longer. Vegetable blended wax will also burn longer and project the scents further.

Paraffin should be avoided entirely – paraffin interferes with the aromatherapy scent and therefore does not give you the full benefits of aromatherapy.

The Right Kind of Candle for the Right Mood

Aromatherapy candles have different benefits to your mood and well being. Here are some of the most common uses of aromatherapy and their benefits:

For energy, you will want to focus on such fragrances as grapefruit, peppermint, orange, vanilla, and rose.

To relax your mind and body, smoke try a lavender candle. Lavender is the most popular of all aromatherapy for its relaxation properties. It’s popular among massage therapists, yoga enthusiasts, meditation, and relaxation professionals. Lavender is also beneficial as a sleeping aid.

To clear your mind and increase focus, try Sage or Sweet Orange. A sweeter natural scent is preferred. These scents are great for studying, reflections, and deep thought.

Aromatherapy scented candles are not for treating illness, however they may aid in feeling better. If you have a headache, nausea, or fatigue, it does not hurt to try a eucalyptus candle to see if it helps.

The Ideal Aromatherapy Candle

Here’s a profile of the best aromatherapy candle for your mind, body, and spirit:

1) Hand-blended, dye-free natural soy or soy-vegetable blend candle wax
2) Cotton wicks (no chemical additives)
3) Use of natural essential oils
4) No metal or paper core
5) Choice of the right scent for the mood or purpose


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is the pecefrt post for me to find at this time

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      great review of aromatherapy type scented candles. I personally love Lavender and other floral fragrances for relaxation.


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