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Aromatherapy To Help With Depression

Updated on February 20, 2015

Aromatherapy may help to alleviate the feelings of depression. While going through bouts of depression myself, my psychologist had recommended aromatherapy as a natural way to help relieve my symptoms. While aromatherapy may not be a cure for depression, it might help to temporarily take the edge off of depression and lift a person's mood.

Sometimes depression can be severe and interfere with daily activities. There may be days that a person with depression might find it difficult to do much of anything. If you suffer from depression, aromatherapy may be a helpful aid in treating the symptoms of depression.

Lemon - One common symptom of depression is fatigue. The scent of a lemon may help you to feel more energized and invigorated. You could try by cutting open a lemon, giving it a little squeeze and then sniffing the lemon for a couple of minutes. The smell of a fresh lemon may be helpful in boosting your mood.

Essential Oils - This form of aromatherapy may be beneficial in the treatment of depression. The essential oils that may be helpful to a person who is suffering from depression are Patchouli, Lemongrass and Ylang Ylang. These oils might help to take a bit of the edge off of depressive feelings. These essential oils can be found in bath & body shops, health food stores or online retailers.

Even just opening the bottle and getting a few whiffs of the scent of an essential oil might be helpful. There are also essential oil diffusers that you can purchase to help diffuse the scent of these oils into the air. If you notice that a particular scent is giving you a headache, you may want to stop using that scent and try another one. Some people have sensitivities to certain scents and may develop headaches from them.

Scented Candles - Having scented candles around may help to alleviate some feelings of depression. There are so many scents to choose from and the smell of certain candles might be uplifting to those who are depressed. Lavender is a scent that might be helpful in the treatment of depression. If the thought of a beach scene can help to lift your mood, then you may want to buy a beach or tropical scented candle. Experiment with different scented candles to see if you can find some relief.

Flameless candles can be used if you do not like to keep candles lit with flames in your home. Some flameless candles come in different scents and can be a safer and smoke free alternative to candles that must be lit by flame.

Fragrances - Body lotions, soaps, sprays, perfumes and colognes all come in a variety of scents. Try to find one that makes you feel better when you put it on. You may want to fill a basket with scented soaps and place it in your bathroom. Using a body lotion or spray that may be invigorating, such as a citrus scent, may be helpful. Sometimes, when I use certain scented hand soaps, I notice that they can temporarily lift my spirits.

Good Memories - Certain scents may make you feel more energized and give you a good feeling when you smell them. Some scents may bring back good memories and may help you to think of something positive that happened in your life. By focusing on these energizing, positive feelings you may be able to get some relief from the symptoms of depression.


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