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Art Therapy. An online counselling or training programme

Updated on February 3, 2013

Developing an Art Therapy Practice on-line

Since training as an Expressive Arts Therapist in the UK at The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education in London UK I have worked in both group and individual settings as a practitioner and as an instructor at BC School of Art Therapy in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Taking my practice to what appears to be the next logical place to offer services, given that so much of what we do and engage with is now on-line I am about to embark on, what seems to me, a radical step and pilot an on-line art therapy service.

The pilot will offer a structured eight week program to those who register and help inform and develop other potential on-line services to support clients including addiction coaching, peer training and professional development at

The positive aspects of online therapy and coaching are:

  • Offering more flexibility for clients to access a variety of specialist services that may not be available locally
  • Accommodating those with children who may require services when the children are asleep or taking part in an activity
  • Accessible by clients who live in rural communities
  • Identifiable professionals and others might wish this to remain anonymous within their own communities be they town or rurtal
  • Provide supports to seniors and others for whom travel is a barrier

The negative aspects include:

  • Developing the therapeutic relationship will take longer
  • Risks of on-line resources becoming compromised
  • Physical presence and developing empathic communication electronically

There are already counsellors and coaches with on-line practices but not art therapy, that I have been able to locate. The insurance and employment health coverage industry does not appear to have included on-line therapies as yet.

It is a new arena and one I am cautiously excited to offer.

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Call for Participants

Pilot On-Line Art Therapy Project

The on-line art therapy project is a structured eight-week programme, which offers individualized on-line consultation via Skype and email. Registrants will receive specialized support and exercises to meet their individual needs.

Participants should be prepared to spend three hours a week engaging in both on line and off line activities.

Liza Miles, co-founder of ARCC Society is an experienced and certified expressive art therapist and program facilitator. Liza has experience working with male and female clients and as a training instructor with the BC School of Art Therapy.

This pilot programme will inform and develop future on-line training and support for clients living in rural communities for ARCC Society who are unable to attend workshops and other training sessions in person.

The pilot is restricted to 30 registrants at a discounted fee of $25 per consultation x 8 sessions. Registrants will be asked to participate in three short surveys to gather information about the efficacy of the program and to develop best practice in service delivery. The surveys are for internal use only and will be treated in the strictest confidence. No participant information will be disclosed.

To request further information or a pre-registration interview please contact Liza Miles at or at


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    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      Thanks Pamela 99. I am excited that I have had a global response from potential on line registrants.

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 5 years ago from United States

      This is new to me and it does sound like a great career and good therapy for those interested.

    • Lizam1 profile image

      Lizam1 5 years ago from Victoria BC

      Thanks for reading Jackie. Certainly personally rewarding.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Sounds like a wonderful and rewarding career.