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Arthritis Joint Pain Symptoms and Treatment

Updated on August 6, 2015

What is Arthritis and Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is primarily thought of as something you get when you start aging or that it happens within the aging process. This is the case, but the beginning signs and symptoms of arthritis usually start appearing several years before someone is diagnosed with arthritis. Arthritis is the breakdown of the cartilage between your bones.

The cartilage cushions the bones so that they don't rub together. As we age this naturally happens. There are also certain jobs that people do that can cause the breaking down of cartilage to happen much quicker. These jobs include doing repetitive things which can put stress on certain bones.

People who type, tend to see this happen because of the use of fingers in a continual motion over years will cause the acceleration of arthritis. People who work in restaurants also see this, from having to grasp knives, tongs, spatulas, spoon, it's all the same motion.

Joint Support

Treating Arthritis

One thing that helps prevent arthritis is calcium. Especially in women, it is recommended to take calcium starting in your 30's. This is said to help build and strengthen the cartilage and bones. There are several prescriptions your Doctor can give you for arthritis but I would look closely at these. Many claim to do miraculous thing, but tend to fall short. There are some pretty hefty side effects as well.

There is a product that I have seen work fabulous in people who would have extreme pain from arthritis. It is a all natural product called Joint Support, it is made by Herbalife. It will actually rebuild your cartilage between your bones and take away the pain in a matter of usually days. The longest I ever saw somebody take it before noticing results was a week. It is guaranteed as well.

Be leary of things you can purchase in the pharmacy and over the counter. Not saying none of these will work, but I've watched people in my own family (and friends) waste a lot of money and never see results.


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