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Arthritis is the Leading Cause of Joint Replacement Surgery

Updated on August 19, 2016


Arthritis is a type of joint disorder which involves inflammation in one or more than one joints. Although there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, the most common among these is osteoarthritis which is a degenerative joint disease which usually results from aging, infection of the joint or from trauma to the joint. Other forms of arthritis which are prevalent include psoriatic arthritis & rheumatoid arthritis which are autoimmune diseases. Septic arthritis is another type which is caused by joint infection.

Signs & Symptoms of Arthritis

Although signs & symptoms of arthritis vary widely, one of the major complaints of individuals having arthritis is joint pain. Joint pain is most often the constant factor & which may be localized to the affected joint. Pain in arthritis is caused due to inflammation around the joint, daily wear & tear of the joint, damage to joint from disease, fatigue & pain in the muscle caused by forceful movement against stiff joints.

Total Joint Replacement Surgery

Total joint replacement surgery is a procedure which involves removal & replacement of damaged arthritic joints with ceramic, plastic or metal devices by implants called prostheses. Prostheses are artificial joints which are designed to replicate movement of normal & healthy joints. Joints are normally located where ends of two or more than two bones meet. There are many types of joints within the human body. Like for example, knee is considered to be a ‘hinge’ joint due to its ability to effectively bend & straighten like hinged doors. Hip & shoulder joints are known as ‘ball & socket’ joints which involve rounded end of one bone to fit into a cup shaped area of another bone.

Why Undergo Total Joint Replacement Surgery?

There are several conditions which cause pain in joints & disabilities which eventually lead patients to consider joint replacement surgery as a viable option. Joint pain in several patients is caused by damage to cartilage lining the ends of bones (articular cartilage) which is caused due to fractures, arthritis or some other condition. When nonsurgical treatments like physical therapy, lifestyle changes & medications fail to relieve pain & disability, doctors usually recommend total joint replacement as the next treatment option.

Most Common Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure

Hip replacement surgery procedure is one of the most common joint replacement procedures which involve surgical removal of the painful arthritic hip joint & replacing the same with an artificial joint made of plastic & metal components. This is usually performed when all other types of treatment possibilities have not been able to provide adequate pain relief. Hip replacement surgery procedure is by far a proven treatment which can relieve a painful hip joint & subsequently make walking easier.

What Happens During Hip Replacement Surgery Procedure?

Hip joint is a ‘ball & socket’ joint. Socket is made of bone & cartilage while the ball is the top of the thighbone & which is also known as the femoral head. Hip replacement surgery is the operative procedure which is utilized to replace the damaged ‘ball & socket’ joint with other durable artificial synthetic components which effectively mimic the original ball & socket joint arrangement. Moreover, hip replacement surgery procedure can be either performed through a traditional approach involving a larger incision or by the newly acquired minimally invasive technique using smaller incisions. Although both these procedures have the same goals, only difference between the two operations is the size of incision.


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