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The Potato Masha

Updated on January 14, 2016

Arthritic Hands

Arthritis does not discriminate by age, race or gender. 1 in 5 people will suffer from this debilitating disease.There is no cure for Arthritis, although some medications can reduce some of the symptoms.

A few years ago my mom started to suffer from the early onset of Arthritis. At the time, she put it down to getting old. Let’s face it as we age it is more difficult to do some of the things we did in the past. Those children running around the park all day were once us!

The biggest problem mom had was with her hands. Tasks that were once considered simple, became a painful nightmare. She had arthritis in her hands. Something so simple as mashing potatoes had become a painful chore.

This was a time when Google did indeed become my friend. I initially visited a few medical supply stores but and whilst they have a large array of medical equipment, mom wasn’t nearly at the stage of requiring this sort of care. We were simply looking for products that would make the simple everyday things in life more doable

The first ever gadget I discovered for mom was the Potato Masha :

Potato Masha


The Potato Masha is a simple to use electric device which utilizes a rotary action to mash vegetables. The gadget does the work, not the user. This is a valuable addition to the kitchen of someone with arthritic hands.


The Potato Masha

At the time, my mom had mild arthritis in her hands and was in pain using the old manual masher. I researched the subject (thank you Mr Google) and discovered the Potato Masha. Mom couldn't be happier. This simple and inexpensive gadget made it possible to make mashed potato without causing mom pain.

The potato Masha isn't limited to potato. It is also great to use for sweet potato, pumpkin and turning avocado into tasty Guacamole.

The handle is over sized, meaning the user doesn't need a strong grip. This was an important consideration as mom experienced more pain as the grip tightened. This handle is perfect. The Masha itself does all the work. The user simply guides the Masha and no effort required.

The casing is hard plastic and removable parts are clip on so no tools are required. The electric motor drives a small rotor. Cleaning is simple, with the components being plastic, it can be rinsed under a tap. It is also dishwasher safe.

If you have a friend or relative who is struggling to use a traditional potato masher because of arthritic hands, the Potato Masha is the answer.


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