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Asapota Wrist Wrap Review

Updated on October 5, 2017

If you are strength training enthusiast, having the right tools for your training regimen is a necessity. Wrist wraps especially come in handy foe heavy weight lifters. Yet, choosing a wrist wrap that is durable, washable and easily flexible is one tall order.

In this guide, we review the Asapota wrist wraps and give you reasons for and against acquiring of these wrist wraps.

Product Overview

The Asapota wrist wrap is made of top grade material enhanced with premium stitching and a heavy duty, washable velcro material. Despite being made of a toughened material, it's easily washable with a machine.

Regarding grip as you work out, the wrist wrap add some necessary friction so that you can hold to weights for longer without the risk of the weights slipping out of the hands.

Product features

1. Has a thermal stabilizer which help relief muscle stiffness and rejuvenate your body after a strength training session.

2. It's made of a top grade nylon material making it durable and suitable gym enthusiasts.


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