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Ashwagandha: India's Secret Healing Herb

Updated on July 21, 2010

Ashwagandha is a excellent medicinal shrub that was first cultivated in the Indian sub-continent and is a member of the pepper family of plants. This plant has been used in traditional Eastern treatments to improve immune capabilities and to minimize the inflammation associated with arthritis. In addition to being taken directly as a remedy through the roots or dried seeds of the plant, in India it is also incorporated into food preparation.

The fundamental capability of ashwagandha lies in a compound called withanolide. This substance is recognized as steroidal and its results directly copy the healing benefits of ginseng. Other aliases for the bush include Indian ginseng, winter cherry, ajagandha and kanaje hindi. This natural remedy is regarded as safe with no documented destructive interactions with other medications. It has safely been given to kids in India for thousands of years though well researched cases of pregnant women consuming the shrub have not been documented.

The Benefits of this Healing Plant

The flavonoids in the shrub bestow it antioxidant like properties, which gives it its immune boosting abilities. It has long been accepted in India that this plant promotes the memory activities of people of all ages. New studies by universities world wide have confirmed that the plant both promotes the growth of and helps restore the connections in the brain. Substantiation also exists that this plant helps inhibit cancer and stimulates the metabolism.

Ashwagandha improves your immune system, reduces inflammation and reports are showing that it promotes brain performance in mammals. Standard methods to take the herb are either via the dried powder of the roots, normally in a tablet shape or through a tea-like brew. The tea is made by placing a portion of the root in water and boiling it for fifteen minutes. Three cups of this tea are suggested to get the full benefits from the plant.

Background Information

This plant is regarded as a shrub because of its adult height of under six feet. It has yellow-orange blossoms and bears a berry like fruit. Being a part of the pepper family indicates that the bush is scientifically in the solanaceae family, or nightshade family. This plant family has led an important component in our species' history. Plants in the nightshade family all carry varying traces of a toxin with some plants being lethal to humans while others, such as tomatoes and potatoes, are hugely common vegetables for eating.

It is very remarkable that its popularity has not taken hold in Western societies like gingko biloba or ginseng have. Search for this supplement both in specialty health stores and food co-ops, or order it on the internet. In the U.S. it is sold in the form of pills, tinctures and teas. It is even doable to grow the shrub yourself if you don’t live in a climate that gets snow or heavy rainfall, although this will necessitate a couple years for the shrub to develop.

You can discover even more about possible effectiveness of ashwagandha and further crucial information you ought to understand prior to using any alternative treatments.


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