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Asian Ginseng Root

Updated on September 9, 2010

The Benefits of Asian Ginseng Root Products

Have you ever felt fatigued or needed a way to pick yourself back up?  Are you like me and opposed to using prescription medications to help keep you happy and feeling awake?  Have you tried Asian Ginseng Root?  Not only is Asian Ginseng Root noted to have the ability to help with multiple problems like fatigue or anxiety, but some cultures have used ginseng as an aphrodisiac.  So how can you use Asian Ginseng Roots to benefit yourself? 

Asian Ginseng Root is an amazing root that many people and cultures have credited to have fantastic health properties.  Different cultures have used both American and Asian Ginseng Roots and extracts for centuries to help fight everything from fatigue to incontinence and from stress to feeling drowsy.  So what all can American and Asian Ginseng Root do for you? 

The first thing to remember is that everybody is different so when roots and herbs like Asian Ginseng Root are given and work for one person, it may not work for another.  With that said, according to sites like Wikipedia, American and Asian Ginseng root has some pretty amazing health benefits. 

One of the most well known benefits of taking American or Asian Ginseng Root extracts is that it helps you to fight off fatigue, stress and anxiety.  One thing that I hate about coffee is that I always end up jittery and shakey after I drink it.  What I love about products with asian ginseng extracts in them like iced tea is that they let me come down easy without feeling anxious or uncomfortable.  Whenever I had to drive long distances and I have a choice besides coffee, I normally run for the iced teas and find one that has Asian Ginseng extracts in it or I’ll buy it in the little red or green tubes they sell on the counters and add it in myself. 

Another widely believed benefit of ginseng extracts is that it can help with your libido or as an aphrodisiac.  Not only have people taken Asian Ginseng Roots for this for years, but when I was reading through the pages about Asian Ginseng on Wikipedia it gave a few references to studies where they had actually seen that ginseng had helped to speed up the development of reproductive organs in young mice.  For the adult male mice they believed that it had helped to stimulate the production of sperm and for the adult female mice they believed that the ginseng had helped to lengthen the estrus period.  With its relation to the human body and human men, they believe Ginseng can act as an aphrodisiac because it contains ginsenoside components which can also help to facilitate erections. 

Besides the fatigue and aphrodisiac benefits that some people believe American and Asian Ginseng Extracts may have, other benefits that you may find with Asian Ginseng Root may include helping to control your bladder with incontinence. 

We are starting to see certain products pop up for incontinence and one of the ingredients you may find in them is Asian Ginseng Root.  The thought process behind including Asian Ginseng Root in some of these products is that if it can help to relax and reduce stress or fatigue, maybe it can also help to relax the bladder muscle helping to reduce the negative effects of incontinence like wetting your bed or having an accident because a bathroom is not around. 

Ginseng sounds like it may be an amazing root that can help to fix just about anything.  Unfortunately for Ginseng, modern science is not able to prove any of the actual benefits of the American or Asian Ginseng Roots.  The differences could be anything from the types of Ginseng used.  In the US it seems like they use lower quality ginseng for their tests which is one of the reasons some people believe that although science may not be able to prove there are guaranteed benefits from using ginseng, they continue to see or feel the benefits of this root.  I personally love it as an alternative to napping when I need something to help me stay awake because it not only seems to work, but I don’t usually get the jittery anxious feeling that I do when I drink coffee or drinks that are heavy with caffeine. 


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