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Aspergers Disorder In Girls

Updated on January 1, 2015
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I currently work at local school. I am an educational assistant working with special needs students. I have daughter with Asperger's.

Aspergers in girls is so much different than the male. Their characteristics of this disorder vary in the depth of the issues. As I understand it first hand, girls are able to hide or mask their problems. You may be thinking how do you know. I have personal experience my daughter is 17 years old was diagnosed at 8 years of age. Most people do not know she has this unless I tell them. She looks like any other person. However, if you are around her a bit you will be able to tell. She has odd posture, odd mannerisms, avoids eye contact a lot.

Her academics are great. She is able to attend a magnet school, attend regular classes, and is doing amazingly well. She enjoys learning about Science. She seems very capable to give speeches and doing lots of research projects. Unfortunately she has always had issues with social activities. Specifically, making friends. Over the school years she has been made fun of. this has been due to her being different. Luckily, she has not let this deter her from wanting to pursue Equine Vet studies. This has been her dream since she was two years old. She loves horses and they are great therapy for her.

These kids can do a lot. They must have those behind them who believe they can succeed. if given a chance they can do anything they desire. She has a desire and drive like no one I've know


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