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Asthalin uses and side effects

Updated on January 6, 2014
Asthalin Metered dose preparation
Asthalin Metered dose preparation

Asthalin is a popular prescription only brand of Salbutamol. It is a selective beta 2 agonist class medication. Asthalin is most popular for its metered dose and dry powder inhalation formulations. It is developed by the Cipla phamaceuticals, india.

Bronchioles are dilated by Asthalin
Bronchioles are dilated by Asthalin
DP Haler a common cheap machine for Asthalin caps
DP Haler a common cheap machine for Asthalin caps

Uses of Asthalin

Asthalin is mainly prescribed for asthma and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) patients. It is useful in dilating the constricted bronchials (fine tubes inside the lungs) seen in above conditions. It is most useful in sudden attacks of asthma, where rapid improvement of symptoms is needed. But it is not useful in longer term use. For long term prevention of Asthma, steroid inhalation preparations are needed.

Most popular formats of Asthalin are dry powder inhalation capsules, pressurized metered dose inhalation and nebulization formats. In addition, Asthalin is available as syrup similar to Ventolin syrup.

Inhalation preparations have the advantage of directly reaching lungs and causing fewer side effects. However, effectiveness is largely depending on the correct technique one use to administer these medications.

Dry powder preparations are used with DP Haler machine. Pressurized metered dose inhalation comes as canisters and inhaled as puffs. These inhalation preparations should be taken in full inspiration and exact technique is printed on the leaflet that comes with the DP Haler. It is very important follow instructions, because wrong technique will cause less medications going into the lungs.

Since this is a medication that directly target lungs, small doses are included in the capsules (to prevent side effects caused by large doses being absorbed into blood stream).

Asthalin Metered dose Inhaler
Asthalin Metered dose Inhaler | Source

Technique of using DP Haler with Asthalin

Correct technique when using Asthalin Metered Dose inhaler

Side effects of Asthalin

Most common side effect of Asthalin is tremors. Other common side effects are nervous tension, headache, muscle cramps, and palpitation. In addition, Asthalin can cause increased heart rate and palpitation. These side effects can occur with inhalation preparations when larger doses are administered.

Rarely low blood pressure and faintness is reported with Asthalin. In addition, Asthalin can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Side effects except allergies are rare when the medication is inhaled.

Conflicts of Interests

This Author is not affiliated with Cipla pharmaceuticals. I am just describing uses and side effects of This popular asthma/copd medication.


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