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Asthma Attacks - Causes and Prevention

Updated on December 6, 2011

Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes recurring periods of wheezing sounds, tightness of the chest, less airflow while breathing, mucus formation in the airways and coughing. Coughing occurs more often at night or early in the morning.

About 30-40 years ago incidence of asthma is very low but in the present days almost every house has at-least one person who is suffering from this condition. Asthma affects people of all age groups, but children are more affected.It is very important to know the reason behind the cause of asthma. If we neglect to find the reason behind the cause, we should pay for it because it intensifies the disease condition and the suffering. Many factors causing asthma decreases immunity of the body and increases severity of the disease.The two things should be kept in mind are identifying the cause and increasing the body immunity.

10 Causes of Asthma attacks

  1. Allergic substances are the main cause of asthma attacks. Pollen in flowers, Dust, Hay, Pungent smells, Cool breeze, drenching in rain etc. All these cause sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma regularly.
  2. Food allergens like Cow's milk, Egg, Nuts, Fish etc can trigger the asthma attacks.
  3. Mental depression, stress, anxiety and anger causes immediate asthma attack.
  4. Inhaling the strong odor of sprays, deodorants, perfumes, room fresheners can cause asthma.
  5. Eating ice-creams, refrigerated foods and consuming cold beverages and aerated drinks also cause this disease.
  6. Travelling long distances and in high speeds also may attack asthma.
  7. Spending lot of hours in air-conditioned environment worsen the health for asthma patients.
  8. Using processed milk containing preservatives is one of the reasons behind this condition.
  9. Jam's and fast foods containing Ajinomoto, food colors, Sodium benzoate are not good for health.
  10. Using canned milk and milk products for children intensifies the allergic attacks like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia.

How to prevent asthma

The three important things that can prevent the disease are:

  1. Removal of the toxins and allergic substances from the body is the first and important step in treating the asthma attacks.
  2. Avoiding the allergic substances and accumulation of the toxins by developing the immunity to the body is the second step to cure asthma.
  3. The third step which is an optional step only used in emergency conditions to decrease intensity of the attack i.e., using Nebulizer, Ventilators and Puffs. Remember this is an emergency and temporary medical option only.

Home Remedies:

  • Daily eat a handful of Basil leaves on the empty stomach by chewing them properly keeps you healthy and increase body immunity.
  • Drink lukewarm water in the early morning and in the evening.
  • Don’t eat curd (yoghurt). Prefer butter milk with ginger.
  • Avoid the allergic food items like coconut, ash guard, bottle guard etc. Avoid dust particles and pollen inhalation.
  • Avoid cool breeze and air-conditioned environment.
  • Take half tea-spoon of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) powder or Triphala powder with honey in the early morning on empty stomach which increases the body immunity.
  • Drink warm milk with pepper powder every night before sleep.
  • Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation in the mornings and evenings help a lot.
  • Decrease anger, anxiety. Living a stress free life also helps in healthy living.
  • Increasing consumption of coriander seeds, peppers and ginger also helps in reducing asthma attacks.
  • Add lemon in the diet. It clears the mucous obstructed in the throat and helps in proper breathing.


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    • swathi180 profile image

      swathi180 5 years ago

      Good to hear that this hub is useful for you Sandhya, thanks for support in voting up.

    • shampa sadhya profile image

      Shampa Sadhya 5 years ago from NEW DELHI, INDIA

      Voted up and useful. It is a very informative hub and especially the collection of home remedies at one place is really very helpful.

    • swathi180 profile image

      swathi180 6 years ago

      Thanks Rajan ji for your useful comment.Yep we also prepare and drink, regionally we call it as"Tulasi Kashayam".

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Good, useful hub, swathi. My wife suffers from asthma usually around the time the season changes or when wheat is harvested. One natural combination that has helped her, I wish to put down here.

      Take 7 leaves of tulsi, cut it finely, and crush 5 cloves. Add this to about 100 ml water. Simmer this water on low heat till half the water remains. Strain the liquid and add black salt to taste. Drink this hot. It relieves fevers, cough and colds too apart from being beneficial in asthma attacks.

      Voted up and useful.