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Asthma - Causes and Effects

Updated on June 6, 2017

Asthma – Causes and Effects.

For us human beings, the most important activity is the one that leads the list of involuntary actions, BREATHING.

Now, imagine there’s a chewing gum stuck in your throat and you are desperate for air and can do anything for a single breathe. That’s exactly what every asthma patient around the globe has to go once in a while.

Among many of the chronic diseases, asthma’s name can be found residing in the leading lists.


Asthma commonly has two main causes, namely Genetic and Environmental interactions. Unfortunately both the causes are complex and have not been completely understood by both doctors and scientists. The over said factors majorly affect and influence the severity of the disease and its response to treatment. In recent time, as we all know, the graphs of pollution have gone up significantly. Pollution being a significant part in causing the disease has led to a steep rise in the graphs of patients suffering from asthma. Other than environmental reasons, heritable factors that are not in any relation to DNA sequence have also led to a rapid growth of the disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Repetitive episodes of wheezing, reduced amounts of breath, coughing and a sort of tightness in the chest, in most of the cases, when these symptoms show up, the patient is more likely affected by the disease. Also, while coughing, the patient has a hard time bringing up the Sputum or Mucus from his/her lungs. These symptoms get even worse if the patient gets hit by an attack at night, in cold air, or early in the morning.


The basic treatment of asthma is to understand and recognize the triggers. Some patients might feel anxious when the disease hits, some might even start feeling drowsy due to the insufficiency of air. Asthma even leads to a number of diseases and physical problems, under health problems, the most disturbing ones are rhinosinusitis , gastro-oesophageal reflux disease(GERD) , and obstructive sleep apnea. Under psychological conditions come the most common problems, namely anxiety disorders occurring mostly in between 16-52% and mood disorders in 14-41%.


The steps that come under precautions are pretty simple, first of all and very mandatory is, to avoid pollution, one should always wear a mask while going to places where he or she is aware that they will definitely find a lot of dirt. In a country like India, where pollution is at its peak, one should follow any and every means available of fighting and staying away from pollution and environmental hazards. Doing proper exercise also helps, though excess of it can lead to adverse conditions, so work out according to and within the capabilities of your body, for exercise and running improve breathing and majorly help in improving your stamina. This will further help in fighting diseases like asthma.


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