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At last ! - A natural nail fungus cure that actually works!

Updated on January 15, 2010

Please click on the link below the comments box to go to the cure.

Please go to the cure for the latest updates.

Don't just click out thinking this is yet another waste of time cure like I usually do.Go to the cure and just try it - inexpensive - safe - and I promise you it actually does work and remember to keep on using it until it does as sometimes these remedies take time!!! 

Watch this space for the latest top information you need to finally hit your nail fungus on the head (or nail as the case may be)! This cure works for me and after 20 years of suffering the humiliating frustrating and devastating effects of nail fungus I have researched the use of some of the recommended natural remedies that did not work as well as adding some of my own and the combination I came up with did the trick!

I have like many of you been prescribed by a phalanx of doctors skin specialists and the like many if not all the available hard-core drugs that don't work and risk organ damage as well as hitting every site on the web offering anything from apple-cider vineger to acidophylus cures - NONE OF THESE WORKED!!!!!!!!! The closest I came to getting rid of this affliction was Leucatin which gave the best response out of anything I tried - we all know what happened there! Most of the threads blogs etc I visited a lot of people voiced the same sentiment about Leucatin so I found an old bottle of Leucatin topical solution lying around tracked down a couple of the ingriedients added some of my own to the mix and within 6 weeks have gone from black nails lifting from the nail bed on each and every digit to pink nails almost grown out. It has been a long hard slog but now I am sitting back watching my nails grow healthy again and plan to share this treatment with you all soon!

For the last 6 months I have been oxidating with pure 3% hydrogen peroxide and all it did was turn the places where the fungus was in the nail bed white - the nail grew out and the white stayed firmly fixed in the nail bed - frustrating - when I stopped the peroxide the nails turned viciously yellow again - this is when I decided to use more additives that I had come across in Leucatin and other cures I had tried before that did not work properly on their own. They all sort of gave a reaction but my nails never grew past the tip of the finger/toe with that healthy defined line that indicates normal nail to finger growth.This indicated that the nail bed obviously grows much more slower than the actual nail itself so more additives were needed to attack the fungus deeper and encourage growth of the nail bed. In this article I will give you everything I have used including hygiene hints and tips I've picked up over the years that have worked for me.I also stumbled upon a couple of natural ideas picked up from sites on nail cures that when used with their suggestions did not work but applied with my ideas have helped tremendously towards this cure and have given some rather astonishingly good and healthy side effects!

I have the particular type of fungus that makes your fingers and toes swell up when it's doing it's summer rampage and have noticed that that too is going. I also managed to overdose on multivitamins four years ago (thought I'd do it the healthy way - VITAMINS!!!) and suffered the results of that mistake for some three years - hair loss headaches I'm adverse to swallowing pills now and have managed to avoid including too many pills in this remedy. I have included also a few helpful tips I garnered along the way aimed primarily at helping to overcome the side effects of multivitamin overdose but found useful in this remedy. I have also picked up on an idea that may have meant I was constantly re-infecting myself with this fungus unwittingly and I'm sure you will probably have a "lightbulb" moment if you are unfortunately perhaps doing the same thing.

Now back to the vitamin overdose - I had to stay off fats and proteins and the like as they had to be avoided to get over this foul predicament I'd got myself into. As far as my nail fungal infection was concerned staying off all these things - dairy products included - made no difference whatsoever $6. I lived on steamed veggies and fruit for 3 years during which my fungal friend thrived in fact went crazy - so I now question whether diet has anything to do with my type of fungal infection - for me - not so it's up to you how you deal with the diet side of things.

In this hub I will give you tips on how to lose weight the natural healthy and energy giving way (some sites are advocating giving this weight loss idea to morbidly obese people in the USA to help with their weight loss) - how to grow your hair thick and long quickly - how to deal with some menopause symptoms naturally as well as how to beat your fungal affliction - all these tips have been stumbled upon during my long arduous journey down this bumpy road and I hope that you will get more from this hub than just a fungal cure - health beauty tips (I will give you my "Holy Grail" of wrinkle and youth facial beauty that is amazing too! Facelift in a bottle!) and the determination as I have done to deal with fungal infections as a challenge to be overcome and not an insurmountable handicap! We are "Fungtims" but not incurable ones - never give up hope but come back stronger than the problem that ails you and believe you will be bigger than it!

The reason why I'm taking so long to put this remedy in my hub is because I'm still on the remedy and I want to ensure the efficacy of what I've discovered - I have tried enough of these so called remedies that are "being used for the last 3 days and my nails are so much better" cures that you never get to find out the end results. One thing though - the improvement I've experienced is the fastest response I've had from anything I've tried in the past so please don't lose interest and keep checking this hub for further reports.

I have been on my own treatment now for not quite two months now and I am delighted to report that the nails have just about grown down to the tips of my fingers and toes excepting the big toenails which are taking a little longer due to being thicker ergo slower growing. I really am encouraged by this choice of treatment and will keep you all up to date with the latest improvements and developments. I am truly amazed that five ingredients can do so much so quickly and if I could I would bottle and sell this mixture myself! I have learned that there is a question as to whether mixing these ingredients could possibly diminish their efficacy so I have used each individually as I firmly believe that their purity is the strength in the cure.

Well fellow "Fungtims" - I've managed to survive the mini heatwave we've had here recently in Europe without any outbreaks of fungal infection going wild on me and I'm really delighted with that as it has never happened before. I am at the moment researching sites to add to my hub that sell the ingredients to make it easier for you to order that are e conomically friendly. Keep on keeping on and checking for further updates - Looking Good!!!

At last I have decided to post the cure due to my confidence that it is working and working FAST!

GO TO THE LINK "CURE" below the comments box and may the force of the cure go with you. Good Luck!

Any feedback on my cure will be much appreciated.


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    • Health Card profile image

      Evie Dawson 

      5 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.. I believe a soap made up of natural TEA TREE OIL is one of the best and safest way to treat nail fungus.. In fact I myself was able to completely remove nail fungus 1 year back.. For more information visit

    • profile image

      cause of hair loss in women  

      9 years ago

      Thanks for sharing this with us nice to come across information that is of use, keep writing and bring us more of what you know.


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