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Cleanse Smart... For Weight Loss

Updated on May 20, 2011

Toxins Can Inhibit Weight Loss

If your looking to lose weight and detox your body perhaps it's time to try a great product called Cleanse Smart from Renew Life. Unfortunately we don’t live in a clean world. Toxic substances, contaminants, and pollutants are everywhere. Just living day to day can cause toxic substances to build up and over load our bodies. Many people just can't figure out why they are not successful with their weight loss. Before starting any diet plan make sure you have properly cleansed your body of fat clogging impurities. A simple natural detox can get your diet off to a winning start.

Why Cleanse Before Weight Loss?

Body Cleansing is a process of removing toxic chemicals from of the body. This method, which has been practiced for many centuries by different cultures around the world, involves resting, cleaning and nourishing of body to renew its capability of maintaining good health. If we don’t detoxify our bodies regularly, toxins from the environment, contaminated foods, alcohol, smoking, and pollutants can take a toll on your intestines, body organs, and lymphatic system.

How Does a Detox Work?

Detoxification works by cleaning the blood and removing impurities from the blood in the liver. It also gets rid of toxins through kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph and skin. A detox program such as Cleans Smart consists of 2 stages: Specific natural herbs are used in a synergy of morning and evening supplements that stimulate your liver, kidneys and intestinal track to get rid of harmful toxins in the body by eliminating them through sweat, urine and daily bowel movements. A natural body cleanse can remove toxins that have built up in the colon for years. Many people report losing over 10 pounds of more during the monthly cleansing period. This is mainly due to elimination of old fecal waste that has been stored in your body and has become impacted throughout the years. Although this is not a pleasant subject to talk about it is however imperative to remove these toxins from your body. A natural body detox should be done at least every six months depending upon your health and your dietary habits. A total body cleanse and detox not only eliminates toxins it can improve blood circulation, and allow your body to better absorb healthy nutrients and vitamin supplements and minerals more efficiently.

How Do You Know if You Need to Detoxify?

Detoxification is ideal at least once a year. Signs that tell you need to detoxify include sluggishness, lethargy, fatigue, lack of energy, poor digestion, regular stomach pain, dry and dull skin and hair, excessive weight, weak immune system, and low libido. It is, however, important to remember that detoxification is not recommended for nursing mothers, children, and patients with cancer, tuberculosis or degenerative diseases. Consult your doctor first before undergoing such program.

Renew Life Cleanse Smart Diet Product

Cleanse Smart Coupons

There are Cleanse Smart Coupons available online from that can help you save money on Cleanse Smart Diet and Detox Products. These all natural herbal supplements will help you cleanse your system and ready your body for healthy weight loss.

Make sure to follow these health tips while using Cleanse Smart Detox from Renew Life:

Limit all alcohol and coffee, quite smoking, eat organic fruits and vegetables if possible, limit high fat foods, prepare foods as naturally as possible, stop eating fast food, stop eating highly processed foods, avoid eating refined sugar, stay away from all saturated fats, make sure to exercise daily, practice deep breathing to control stress levels.

Cleanse the liver by taking in herbs such as green tea, burdock, and milk thistle.
Take cleansing herbal supplements and antioxidant organic health products that can aid in the cleansing of the body.
Drink at least eight glasses of water every day.
Get a deep tissue massage if possible.A deep Massage is not only great for rest and relaxation; it is also effective in eliminating toxins in the body.
Exercise to improve blood circulation. Aerobics, jogging, playing sports, dancing, doing yoga are some of the best forms of exercises.
Detoxification is essential for a healthy well-being. But aside from detoxifying, be sure to live a healthy lifestyle as well.


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