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No Glasses-No Contacts-No Problem: Selecting an Atlanta LASIK Surgeon

Updated on May 7, 2009

Finding a LASIK Surgeon


In today’s mobile society, one is constantly packing up to move, go on vacation or make a business trip. This “on-the-go” culture makes it easy for one to get tired of packing standard items like glasses, contacts and solution every time one is scheduled to go to Chicago or Atlanta. LASIK surgery is a great way to take eye related items off your packing list. But how can you be sure that the LASIK surgeon one goes to, is the right doctor? To help in that process, here are a few questions to include on your checklist.

1.       How many LASIK procedures has the doctor successfully completed? You should not settle for a doctor who has performed at least 1,000 surgeries, and has been performing LASIK for at least 3 years.

2.       Is the equipment used FDA approved and is the microheratome blade only used once? The laser should be recalibrated a minimum of every 4th use, and a new incisor blade should be used for every procedure.

3.       Will the doctor answer all your questions? Make sure you understand what you need to do to prepare for LASIK, what the procedure involves, and how to care for your eyes after LASIK.

4.       What kind of long term care is provided? You should expect several follow-up visits, and the need for medication and an eye shield to be part of the after surgery experience.

5.       What is the vision improvement percentage? Achieving 20/40 or better should be quite high, having 20/20 should be almost as high and those who needed an enhancement procedure should be very low.

As a final precaution in choosing a LASIK surgeon, it is wise to remember: You get what you pay for”. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Take your time to research your chosen LASIK surgeon thoroughly before making a commitment. After all, these are your eyes and you want them to better after LASIK, not worse!



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