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Attachment causes detachment

Updated on May 4, 2017

Okay now why I am writing this is because I have seen people getting hurt from the things that they are too attached to. I adviced them to move on, forget it, blah blah blah. But I always wondered that how on earth is it possible to get away from things which you are too attached to. And then I found the answer. And that's what I'm sharing with you all.

What to get detached from!

Let's start it by knowing the things that we should get immediately detached from. The list is as follows:

★ Addictions

★ Exes

★ Emotional breakdowns

★ Heartbreaks

★ Negativity

Well the list is never ending. But are we supposed to get detached from them? After all there's a reason why we got attached with these things right? But that reason my dear is long gone. Now it is just the pain, distress and depression what is left. This attachment won't let you go further in life. So to move on with your life happily and cheerfully, we need to let go of certain things. And it's not selfish at all!!

How attachment-detachment theory works.

Well it sounds too weird that it's attachment that causes detachment. But it is true. When you really want to get detached from something, you need to get attached to something else...something which is better, something which makes you happy, something which makes your life colourful all over again. But finding that thing is difficult. But then again, its not rocket science as well.


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