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Cultivating an attitude of Gratitude

Updated on May 23, 2011

Cultivating an attitude of Gratitude

I was bogged down with pressure at work and home as everything seemed to be working against me. I felt as though I was swimming against the tide. As I faced the challenges of each day, trying to get my life back on track and searching for peace and happiness,I realised there was so much I needed to be grateful for. I began counting my blessings and a sense of gratitude filled me. I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of life. I was grateful for every breath. I began to view things positively and challenging situations became opportunities.

Gratitude is an attitude we cultivate by practice. We must appreciate what we have and not concentrate on what we lack. Always see the good in people. Every morning I take the time to thank God for the good night's rest and comfortable bed and home. At night I thank God for the days experiences. Throughout the day there are countless things we can be grateful for. Every step is a miracle.

Gratitude is awareness. I began to admire nature and found great pleasure in observing the wonders of the natural world all around me - the birds chirping, the beauty of the trees swaying in the breeze, the flowers in bloom, the blue sky,the sun, the moon, the stars and the movement of the waves on the sea shore. I learned to be grateful for many obvious things - my family, gifts received, kindness bestowed, good friends.

Gratitude changes the way we view life and ourselves. When we choose to maintain an attitude of gratitude, we are assured of living a happy, healthy and successful life. Life has its ups and downs. The Universe gives us what we believe we deserve. So when we focus on abundance, our life feels abundant. When we focus on lack, our life feels lacking. Gratitude multiplies our blessings and focuses our attention on good things in life. no matter what is happening around, when we look at our difficulties as opportunities for growth, then we can be grateful for the lessons we are learning from these difficult experiences.

I am truly grateful for discovering the power of gratitude in my life and I shall always continue to give thanks in everything. Looking back over my life,my heart is filled with gratitude for all the people and events in my life because I now understand their purpose.


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    • Diana Mendes profile image

      Diana Mendes 6 years ago

      Thanks Dariashakti. It was good to see your comment.

    • dariashakti profile image

      dariashakti 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Practicing gratitude is very helpful thing to do. I can remember more than one time in my life when things seemed dark and I remembered to be grateful. It wasn't long before I felt better. Thanks for the reminder!