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Attract Abundance in Three Easy Steps

Updated on April 16, 2020
Deborah Demander profile image

Deborah is a writer, healer, and teacher. Her goal is to help people live their best lives every day by sharing her joy and love of life.

Attract Abundance To Your LIfe


What is Abundance?

When you think of abundance, what comes to mind? Fancy cars, mansions and trips around the world?

Abundance can include excess material wealth and prosperity, but true abundance is something much greater, much more fulfilling, and eternal.

Having true abundance in your life means feeling joyful, fulfilled and expansive. It means feeling peaceful, happy and light in your body, mind and spirit. This eternal warmth and expansiveness fills you with gratitude and bliss which you then want to share with everyone around you. An abundant life is one in which you fulfill your true purpose. You live the highest version of your true nature. Your life expresses your dharma.

The opposite of an abundant life is one in which you feel empty, dissatisfied, and lacking in many areas. Not only do you feel unhappy about your finances, but you lack direction, motivation, ambition and passion. Your body, your mind and your spirit feel out of alignment with your true purpose.

This article guides you through three easy steps to enjoy true abundance. And you might find that includes prosperity, too!

Three Easy Steps




Ask For What You Want


First Decide What You Want

What do you want? Do you even know what you want?

It's easy to say, "I want a million dollars," or "I want a new sports car."

But what do you really want? The first step in attracting abundance is to get very clear about what you want. Until you know for certain what it is you want in life, then you will never have it. How can you have something if you don't know what you want?

As you begin your abundance journey, write down what you want. Listen to your heart. Your soul speaks through your heart. Get clear on what you really want in life.

Whether it is more love, or better health or money to pay the mortgage, or a better job, write it down. Know what you want.

Once you know your own desires, ask for them to come to you. With gratitude for all the blessings currently in your life, request the abundance that you desire. Abundance is your right as a spark of the Divine. You deserve to have good things in your life.

Start with getting clear about what you want.

Then, practice daily gratitude for what you have. Notice the good things in your life. Notice the things that you've taken for granted: Material possessions, your current health, your current relationships that work well. Whatever is good, focus on that and give thanks.

When you appreciate what you already have, then you change the flow of energy in your life. How could you possibly receive more, if you don't even notice how much you already possess? Expressing gratitude begins moving energy in a positive flow. The positive flow helps you attract what it is that you truly want.

You Deserve Good Things


Open Yourself to The Flow of Universal Abundance

The Universe is infinitely abundant. When you ask for what you want, and you believe that you deserve it, then you shall have it.

Begin by seeing yourself with the thing you want. As you fall asleep at night, practice creative visualization. See yourself living your abundant life. Feel the joy, the peace and the tranquility of your abundant life. See yourself doing the things, having the things that you desire. Allow that positive energy to flow through you as you fall asleep.

When you awaken, before you get up, take a moment to feel that peaceful, joyful imagery from the previous night.

Take some time to make space for the things you desire. You want true love? Then maybe its time to get out of the bad relationship you've been clinging to.

You want better health? Maybe look at what is not serving you in your current life and get rid of it.

Make room for what you do want by getting rid of what you don't want. As you create space for something new, then positive energy pours into your life. You don't have to create a complete upheaval of your life. Instead, make small, positive changes in the direction of what you truly desire.

Throughout the day, see yourself with your dream life. Take a moment to give thanks for what is coming. Know that it will arrive in due time.

The Universe is never late! Trust that what you seek will show up at the exact right moment.

Even if you don't see or know how it will happen, have faith that it will work out as you have asked, or better.

When you take a step in the direction of your dreams, the whole Universe conspires to support you. Once you've asked, you've taken the first step. Now, do one thing in that direction. Make that phone call. Write that article. Dump out the soda. Clean out your old car. One step in the right direction will lead you to the next right thing, as you clear the way to an abundant life.

Open Your Heart to Receive


Be Open to Receive the Abundance of the Universe

You ask. You believe. Now, open yourself to receive.

Don't block the energy of abundance by declaring how abundance must show up in your life. Allow yourself to stay open to abundance in the many forms it will arrive.

God often works through people. When you allow others to serve and help you, then you offer them a gift, just as much as they offer you one. If no one ever receives, then to whom can we give?

Allow yourself to receive abundance when it arrives. Don't shut the door because you thought it would appear differently. Take a deep breath and thank the Universe for answering your request.

You wanted money, direct deposited into your account? Well, what if a friend offers you money instead? Don't refuse the gifts of the universe and don't refuse your friend the gift of their service. Graciously and gratefully accept what comes into your life.

Many times, people ask for something, placing expectations on exactly how it should arrive. Trust that the universe knows whats best, not only for your life, but for the good of all. Maybe it's better to try dating a nice guy who has a job and treats you like a princess, than it is to pick up some stud at the bar who treats you badly and is mean to your kids.

If you reject what you have asked for, the abundance energy gets blocked. The universe sees that you want more of what you already have (and don't like) so you begin meeting more jerks, having more health issues or gaining more weight.

Whatever you say you want, be sure you receive it with open arms. And if it turns out that what you thought you wanted wasn't the best for you, then ask again.

The universe has a limitless supply of abundance. There is more than enough. You are more than enough. You deserve an abundant life of peace, joy and bliss.

You Deserve Abundance


Attracting Abundance Easily

It's not difficult to live an abundant life.

First, ask for what you want. Get clear on what that is and express gratitude for the good things you already have.

Next, believe that you deserve and will receive abundance. See yourself living an abundant life, doing the things that you would have, feeling the feelings and being the person you will be when you are abundant. See it and believe it.

Finally, receive abundance. The universe is infinitely abundant and you deserve an abundant life. Every person on this planet deserves to live their best life. When good things come your way, receive them graciously and gratefully. Share that abundance with others and keep that positive energy flowing.

There is no limit to abundance. God, the Universe, the Divine. Whatever you choose to call your higher self, however you choose to relate to that magnificent, eternal, creative energy, that Source of Light, Life and Love wants to shower you with abundance. You deserve it. Ask. Believe. Receive.

Namaste, friends


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