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Attracting Health, Wealth and Happiness

Updated on April 11, 2012

When it comes to analyzing our own lives we are typically harder on ourselves then we are on others. Because, everything looks greener on the other side of the tracks then we are on. So, how do you go about inviting the health wealth and happiness that you are longing for? What is it that other people are doing that makes them more successful?

We all have those big dreams about what we want to do in a life and how we are going to impact the world. However, over time we lose sight of those dreams and get caught up in the normal routine and those dreams begin to fade. Those dreams seem to fade into the background, but why does that happen? Are those dreams impossible? Do people think to hard? Is it because they do not believe?

When people think of their dreams they think of the biggest and most dramatic scenes. This is fine, however, it also gets them discouraged because they do not know where to go from their current situation. These dreams are so large that it is hard for people to imagine what those dreams would be from their current situation. So, the dreams are squashed before a smaller measurable or realistic plan can be placed in their lives.

Dreams of individuals are never handed to them on a silver platter. Most of us are going to need to work extremely hard before we are able to get to where we are going. We will need to take time out of our day every day to do something to reach that goal. Over time, this small task will add up and each step along the way we will be able to look back and see the difference in our lives. You need to believe in yourself to obtain the ultimate in health, wealth, and happiness for yourself.

1. Goals

When you are, setting up goals for your life be very specific about the type of things you are thinking of. For example, when you say you want a new car that is not good enough. You want to specify the make, model, year, and even the color inside and out. When you know specifically what you want then the laws of the universe will be able to attract that type of exact car for you.

2. Believe in Yourself!

Know that you are not limited to what you have now. Know that you are only limited to what you say you are limited too. So, have a belief in yourself that you have the energy, aptitude, and ethic to work for what you are trying to achieve. The power of positive thought in the world is so powerful that it will attract more positivity towards you. Stay positive in your words, thoughts and actions. This will help you keep the negative thought s out and away from you.

3. Take action

Having, your main goal in focus you need to now make a plan to establish smaller goals to get there. Break your main goal down into smaller steps. Once you have at least 4 smaller sub goals break them down even more. You want to break your goals down to the daily task that you are going to do on a daily basis to help you achieve your goal. If, you find yourself getting off course with your goals you can always go back and refine them. However, stay on track and stay focused each step of the way.

4. Acknowledge your accomplishments

When you are, reaching your goals you need to celebrate the small accomplishments along the way. So, always remember to pat yourself on the back for a job well done towards your goal each step.

5. Stay focused today

The thing about dreams is we sometimes get sidetracked into the future trying to get their quicker. However, this can cause us to lose sight of where we are going. So, concentrate on what is happening today and focus your energies in getting what needs to be done for your dream on a daily basis.

6. Organization

It is vital that you are able to create a plan for yourself. Once you have your large goals and smaller goals written down. Make a list every day on what you would like to accomplish that day. With the list in hand, write down what you want to accomplish and mark them as you go

7. Mentor

If, you need help then find someone who is working towards their goals in the same fashion that you are. Surround yourself with friends and family that believe in you and that will contribute to the positives that you need.


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