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August Smart Wrist Band Activity Tracker: A Review

Updated on February 23, 2017

August Smart Wrist Band 100 is a Fitness tracker recommended for those who want to observe a healthy life style. This will help you monitor how much calories you have burnt, number of steps taken, how much distance have you walked, your hours of sleep, and SMS, email and calendar notifications. This fitness tracker even alarms you if your phone which is paired with it is already out of range.

For ease of use, it is designed as a wristband so you can wear it easily and bring it anywhere you want to go. The design is appropriate to wear with almost all clothes that you love to wear. It is also comfortable to wear and is slim making it very light to carry.

The downside about this item is that you cannot swim with it because it is not waterproof. Do not pout because you can still do other fitness activities with this very smart bracelet which is guaranteed to help you achieve your fitness goals and turn your dream into reality.

Wear your tracker in a very light and comfortable smart bracelet.
Wear your tracker in a very light and comfortable smart bracelet.

How to Get the Most Out of August Fitness Tracker

Connect your phone to your wristband and monitor your daily activities. Monitor how many hours have you slept with a very easy setup. It helps you determine if you have had enough sleep or not. Remember that sleeping too much is not a good thing because it does not help you lose calories. Less sleep or too much sleep may contributory to weight gain according to studies. Not getting enough sleep will also make you feel weak and irritable throughout the day.

The alarm notifies you with its gentle vibration if you have received new messages from your phone, emails and social media accounts. If you are one of the most organized persons in this world, you will surely love this feature which even allows you to be reminded of your daily, weekly and monthly reminders.

Get more organized and do not miss important meetings, events and medical check-ups with this comfy fitness tracker from August.

Tracking your activities wisely is one secret to achieving your health goals.
Tracking your activities wisely is one secret to achieving your health goals.

Do NOT Let Loose of Your Phone

Lastly, it has an Anti-loss Alarm which will prevent you from losing your phone. While your phone is connected to your wristband, it will warn you if it is already out of Bluetooth range. Forgetful like me? Worry no more because this tiny little thing will let you know if your phone is already elsewhere and not in your bag or pocket.

Not all positive things come with this gadget anyway. Consider its very small appearance with a lot of function to do, you should expect that the battery will not stand long and that it will take a period of time to recharge it. It is also not compatible with all brands of Android phones so better check out with the manufacturer first before doing your first step in buying it.


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