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Aura Soma, Healing with Colour

Updated on August 24, 2012

Message therapy, experience the healing power of human hands

healing with colour
healing with colour

What is Aura Soma?

Aura-Soma is wonderful natural healing technique that utilizes the vibration powers contained in colours, crystals as well as natural aromas together with light to bring together body, mind and spirit to accomplish healing. Aura-Soma is a typical method of colour therapy. Aura-Soma treatment was started in England during the 1980s. Vicky Wall, a great herbalist and healer who spent her whole life on spiritual research and treatment with the help of plants created Aura-Soma and the equilibrium bottles. She achieved psychic powers after she lost her eye sight. According to Vicky Wall, Aura-Soma is a ‘non-intrusive, self-selective soul therapy’. Aura-Soma would accomplish healing in a very typical way with a natural treatment using colours. Aura-Soma Colour treatment is upon the concept that living beings has an essence within themselves which is filled with beauty and light. A special attachment towards light, beauty and colour is believed to be inherently present in every living being. The supporters of Aura-Soma treatment describe it as a ‘non-intrusive self-selective soul therapy’. The concept of Aura-Soma treatment is not unknown to the medical and science world and has gained great popularity recently.

What is Aura-Soma therapy? What is Aura healing?

Aura-Soma treatment uses a collection of small bottles. These bottles would contain a layer of coloured essential oil which is spread on a layer of coloured spring water which contains herbal extracts. Most of the bottles will have solutions of two colours and there will be almost 90 bottles. The patient would be asked to choose four bottles among those bottles. He needs to choose the colours that he likes most. These favorite colours of the patient would be important as far as his physical and emotional state is concerned. Since those colours appeal to him they would definitely bring some positive effects on him. The Aura-Soma treatment is upon the assumption that these favorite colours of the patient will have powers to make physical or emotional betterment in the patient. In this therapy, a combination of these colours will be applied to the skin of the patient. The body will absorb the solution and it would rebalance the body. Aura-Soma therapy does not insist any standard duration and the treatment can be done whenever it is needed.

colour can heal your body
colour can heal your body

How colour heals? Basics of colour treatment

The basic concept behind Aura-Soma Colour treatment says that in human body, all the inner and outer disturbances and imbalances appear as a result of the lack of self interest. When a person loses or neglects the sense of inner beauty in him, his body and mind becomes vulnerable to sickness. The appreciation and nurturing of inner power or the secret sense is necessary for the healthy existence of the body soul and mind, according to Aura-Soma concept. Upon the re-establishment or rebuilding of this fellowship with the inner source the confusions would disappear and absolute healing would in the body as well as mind. The effect of this rebuilding of the contact with the inner sense on body and spirit would be therapeutic, instant, refreshing and dramatic, according to Aura-Soma therapy. This Aura-Soma therapy helps to reestablish the perception of inner power in a person. The treatment would bring back the lost inner beauty and would reveal the power, talents and positive gifts inherent in a person.

Aurasoma therapy, healing aura - How can colour heal human body?

Aura-Soma says that human beings in one way are ‘light-beings’ who reflect wonderful powers. The treatment procedure gives a new awareness about the regenerating, invigorating and re-balancing powers of colour or light intake. Through the encouraging consultation or counseling and through the direct application of the powerful colour or light, patients can perceive the true aspects within him and can unveil the hidden powers and strength within him that were once undisclosed and misunderstood. Aura-Soma treatment says that through the individual and independent choices of the colours and through its wonderful combinations, a patient would be able to regain his power and can find out who he really is how much power is there within him.

Healing with colour

The components (the colours and the herbal ingredients) of Aura-Soma have a special capability to launch a perfect balance, steadiness, wholeness and equilibrium. The pomanders, equilibrium bottles and the quintessences contained in the Aura-Soma would reestablish or refresh the natural rhythm of body. Each of the components in the solution (the oils contained) has specific purposes and refreshes the spontaneous power within the body. This would ultimately stimulate the inner self or innate powers within the person. The equilibrium bottles are the most important components of Aura Soma.

The oily upper portion over the watery portion in the equilibrium bottle contains essential oils and crystal energy and the watery portion contains gem elixirs and herbal extracts. These oils are collected from plants cultivated by ‘bio-dynamic farming’ method. Even though Aura-Soma treatment involves direct application of the colour solution in the body, just looking at the colour solution also bring good therapeutic results. The application of this solution brings a synergistic balance that would excite the whole inner balance of body.

colour healing
colour healing

How does aurasoma work? Aura colours and healing

By inputting the wonderful power of the light to the body of the patient, Aura-Soma treatment would stimulate or bring the internal light or power within the body. This stimulation of power and energy is supposed to have good therapeutic effects also in the patient. Aura-Soma treatment thus makes uses of the colour consciousness of the person and heals his physical and mental sickness.

The very name ‘Aura-Soma’ shows that the treatment is related with colour or light. This name was chosen after the introduction of the equilibrium bottles. ‘Aura’ means an energy release. Soma means body. The name Aura-Soma thus establishes the fellowship between body and light (or colour) which is the source of all powers. Colour is nothing but the way light reflects the surface. Colour is otherwise light itself. Light field and body have a deep underlying unity and they are parts of a single energy continuum.

Colour is the wavelength of light which has energetic quality and has the power to control the human emotions and thoughts through the chakras (energy coils that spin through our etheric body) that are made of colours. One colour would control one chakra. Aura-Soma means ‘etheric body-physical body’. Aura is actually an electromagnetic field that involves coloured rays originating from the spine.

Aura soma colour therapy

Human body is also made of light. True vibration of human body is expressed in the differing frequencies of colour. When the patient choose the colour that has influenced him, that particular colour will be able to speak to their body and mind and thereby bringing the healing that is inherent in the patient. By bringing the colours (chosen colours from the equilibrium body) to the body of the patient, the aura would be reestablished to its original rainbow bringing perfect balance to the aura. The colours bring the body into the light of ‘true colours’.

The unique aura soma treatment

Aura-Soma is very different from other therapies and is found to be very unique. In all other therapies, the healing method and the substance would be chosen by the therapist, but in Aura-Soma, the patient can choose the substance of treatment (the colour of the equilibrium bottle). Aura-Soma treatment reinforces the power of the internal healing inside the patient.

Aura colours and healing, benefits of aura soma treatment

Light and colour have wonderful properties and are charged with power. Light and colour interacts wonderfully with this material world and the living beings within it. The world is filled with colours. Everybody has got attraction towards certain specific colours. It will be tough to find somebody who is seldom interested in any colours. Colour can be considered as a basic clue to the original nature of a substance even though lots of spuriousness exists in this world. Colour is supposed to show the general quality of a substance. For example, the violet colour of lavender shows its soothing effects. The colour of Aura-Soma is not just external and exhibits the real properties of that colour. The colour of the equilibrium bottle is the key to the whole system. Light would reflect the colour of the substance inside the bottle. This powerful combination of the colour and light thus brings energy and enthusiasm to the viewer and heals his sickness. Aura-Soma method is a method for the inner nature or power of the person to reveal and arise (to reveal as colour) and bring energy and healing. Human beings appear as material body that is really light and colour. Inserting the energies of Aura-Soma to the body would help the body to remember the light and colour within and live as light. Bardo Thodol (the Tibetan Book of the Dead) mentions that when the soul moves away from the body, the body will be exposed to flashes of colour and light. This light will be perceived by the lifeless (without senses) body in a different way. It says that light is perceived by the sense or consciousness existing in the body. So the body with life in it can receive the power of light and colour and can store it in it. Thus light and colour is already present in human body and inserting more of it would empower the body further.


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