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Autism Awareness

Updated on May 19, 2010

This is my first article about Health and i picked this topic because i felt bettered when i came in to see the Johnson's and realized that Brad has this disorder.

Hello Brad i greeted him but he wouldn't listen nor pay an attention to me, unlike a normal five years old kid,would have jumped and shouted Uncle! carry me up.

"What is wrong with Brad"? I asked Barrister...

With heads bowed and left hand on his head,a sign of grief for his only son,he began to talk of his disorder and how it is affecting him as a Dad.

Rossi,he said...Brad has Autism.

I have heard about so many kinds of ailment both in Kids and Adults but what is Autism i asked.With my eyes about to flush out from their positions and curiosity all over me,i looked in disbelief because it is clear to me that this is serious,the name alone Autism sounds heart acing.

What is Autism?

This covers a range of developmental disorders known as AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER (ASDs) and it affects mainly kids.

This affects a child's ability to communicate and interact with others and makes the kids to experience the world differently unlike other kids.It makes them to react to situation in unusual ways like Brad when he saw me.

People have been leaving with the symptoms of Autism for years before Dr. Leo Kanner of John Hopkins Hospital identified it as a condition in 1943.


Tough there are core symptoms, it is much okay to note that the most common sign of Autism is that it impairs the ability of communication.Children starts talking less as their verbal skills grows weak and they always tend to stick to a particular routine,they become agitated whenever this routine is changed.


I had to contact two child specialist to clear my curiosity but to my greatest surprise,none was able to give me a concrete information about the cause of Autism,i tried to see information from other source which the internet was one area and yet got the same no clue verdict.

There is no single known cause for Autism

But i got to understand that the Environment has a role in it.

It is not surprising to learn that Gene disorders is a contributing factor to this as well


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 7 years ago from Biafra

      Thank you Sa`ge,i appreciate your support...

    • profile image

      sa`ge 7 years ago

      please to correct that was step mom in the comment above not stern, for she was not stern she was and is (even when his dad is now gone) only love to him.

    • profile image

      Sa`ge 7 years ago

      Rossimobis; you work so hard with so much love in all you do, thank you for who you are :)

      I know a 40 year old man with autism, he lives an independent life with someone who looks in oh him daily. He was around 20 when i met him and his family, his stem mom is very good friend now with me. It is she who looks in on him. He loves to draw and is so gifted in this art. He makes extra money for himself collection cans from all around the city, he takes pride to know he helps keep the city clean, he is always smiling and loving all he meets along the way. and yes, he does get agitated but i noticed the agitation came mostly when people were not being love. They do not like to be touched but they thrive on the energy of love. There are many depths to autism

      I also have a nephew who has autism, he is graduating from high school good grades. There has been many great strides with autism mostly by parents who understand more the doctors do.

      . ~Aloha by brother aloha~