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Authentic Communication Is the Need of the Hour !

Updated on August 7, 2020
Surya KP profile image

Surya is a Public Speaker and his core areas of interests in writing are about Personality and Lifestyle development.

Great communication begins with connection

— Oprah Winfrey

This particular quote hit me hard. We live in an era where our societal connection is completely determined by our popularity on social media and various platforms. In my last article, I spoke about the importance of "self-image" and how it plays a pivotal role in our life. Now that one has understood the impact of their own self, it's time to spread the same vibe around their surroundings.

Why expressing yourself is important ?

Let's assume that a person X has an extremely thought provoking business idea. The same person X is also an introvert. Let's assume another person Y has a mediocre business idea but is great at expressing his stand point, and he is filled with unrestrained enthusiasm. During each one's respective sales pitch, person X, despite having a mind blowing plan somehow gets subdued by person Y.

The only glaring difference between the both of them lies in the art of communication. Communication is most often confused with talking to someone. It is not just mere talking to a person. It is the circuit breaker for anything to sustain in life. One does not necessarily need to be an extrovert in coming off as a charming person, but they must understand what they clearly want out of a particular conversation and this particular skill set can be developed with quality practice.

Inter Personal interaction is perhaps the most important thing in a person's professional and personal progress.

Extroverts v/s Introverts

Before I start talking about extroverts and introverts, I'd like to let y'all know that I am an ambivert. An ambivert is a person who has mixed traits of an introvert and that of an extrovert. To break it down a bit further, I am a person who can go on not talking to people for a 100 days and also gel with everyone instantly coming out of my mental bubble.

Usually speaking, extroverts tend to be social media influencers, master communicators and a mere conversation with such people sends out a lot of energy. On the other hand, we have introverts who are pretty much confined to their own mental space and it is extremely difficult for these people to mingle with anyone and everyone.

Both of these categories have their own problems. In the first category, the entire world knows about your life and in the second category, only you know what you go through with your life.

An extroverted person needs to be selective with whom he/she is interacting to and an introverted person, in order to establish firm communication, needs to reach out to people and understand that vulnerabilities are a part of everyone's life and the only thing we can do about them is accept the same and move on.

Communication in the end of the day, is not only about about filtering information, but it is also about filtering the people who are entering into our beautiful little worlds. We have the insane power of "choice" and it is up to us to put that into effective use.

The Power of Soul-Gazing

Soul-gazing is a beautiful technique by which one can build a deeper bond with someone. Hollywood's Casanova Brad Pitt uses this tool. To put it in a nutshell, this particular skill has only one principle and that is :

Whenever you are talking to a person, look into their eyes. It might sound quite simple but the disturbing truth is that most of us don't do this and we just look here and there when we are talking and that kinda ruptures everything you ever wanted to tell someone.

By using this method, you're making sure that, "Yes, I am listening to you intently" is conveyed and this adds a lot of meaning to the entire conversation. You're indirectly telling the other person that you're deeply involved in the talk and know that it is going somewhere. This also helps a person in strengthening their bonds with people, creates a mental pavement where they come off as frivolously charming and an atmosphere of optimism sets in making it even more subliminal to be a part of that discussion.


Authenticity is a crucial factor in the make or break of any relationship. Whether it is your spouse or loved one, one has to make sure to bridge that gap with proper communication. Sometimes things might go south and one ends up hurting the other person's feelings, but that shouldn't stop us from giving that authentic touch.

As the world is treading on the path of digitisation, one needs to learn to place their mindset and ideology across the table. Figuratively speaking, authentic communication is the building block of a persons's interpersonal relationships in his/her social circle.

Building of an Entrepreneur

If there is one thing common about all the entrepreneurs out there, then it is their wonderful ability to know what they want and to emphasise their intentions verbally in a surreal manner. Whether you build a product or market the same or offer a particular service, one will be faced with a lot of "deal breaker" level situations on a daily basis and the art of sustaining their business directly depends in their interpersonal skills.

There is nothing much to say about these people because they don't just talk, they put their tasks on the field and execute them with perfection. Period.


Lastly, the puzzle of authentic communication is completed with a pinch of listening. At certain times, listening to someone is as important as talking/putting forth our viewpoints. Listening comes with a lot of patience and this a particular quality which most of us lack. We lack patience mainly because of the fact that everything around us is fast paced that we've forgotten the importance of a normal conversation. Processing information at a 100 Mbps is easy but being there for someone and listening to their rant for 5 minutes should also be easy, right ?

Practice listening to your friend or anyone for that matter for 10 minutes on a daily basis and trust me, this particular change from your side has the potential to transform your relationships and take them to another level.

It is simple yet quite profound.

© 2020 Surya KP


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