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Autism - A complex puzzle

Updated on November 20, 2010

Autism and reality

Autism is a condition that has been discussed in many schools, hospitals, churches, daycare facilities, universities, doctor's offices and homes all across the globe due to its increasing odds in both boys and girls. It is far more common today then it ever was and it is now one of the most studied fields of children's health care. To many professionals autism is still a mystery as to why it is so much more common today and why there seems to be no real evidence as to how it has evolved and spread so rapidly. If you were to look up the definition of epidemic you would see the following: a rapid and extensive development or growth, usually of something unpleasant. I am not educated in the field of medicine but it seems to me that we are certainly dealing with an epidemic concerning autism seeing the dramatic rise in cases and the progression in the past decade. I see the progression in rates of autism today to be staggering at 1 in 100 children born will develop a form of autism. This to me is very alarming and cause for great concern.

When we were dealing with the reality of a diagnosis of autism concerning our son back in 2000 it was a real shock as we would never have imagined this. I really was not aware of autism other than hearing of it years before and reading a book about someone who lived through it. To me autism is a mystery and a puzzle and it seems the pieces of the puzzle are scattered and the puzzle is missing pieces and without those pieces we can not complete the work necessary in fully understanding how, why and when we will find a proper treatment for these children who are daily affected by it.

As a parent of an autistic child it is a real emotional roller coaster every day and we are not sure what to expect. The behaviors and actions of an autistic child are much different from those of normal children and autistic children have great difficulty in controlling their emotions and following instruction. They may look like they are disobedient and disruptive children but the reality is that they have poor or no control over their actions and it is not their intention to be out of control and unruly. It is part of their makeup of which they need therapy and behavior modification training.

Autism is a very complex condition that tests the patience and resolve of the parents, the teachers, the administrators and family members every day. An autistic child has so much to offer and despite the challenges and the difficulties there is a beautiful child within worthy of reaching for they have so much potential and talent. I see my son have his share of difficulties and have come to the sad reality that the school that he currently attends is not equipped to handle his difficulties and meltdowns in the classroom. We are constantly seeking proper medical and counseling services every day to assist our son and help provide insight into raising an autistic child and it seems that no one has really found the solution. The medicines don't seem to work and in fact it seems the medicines may be causing our son to have a sleep disorder and to gain weight. We are very frustrated in that with all our good intentions and in reaching out to trained professionals we are still back to square one in trying to find a school for our son where he can get an education and learn to socialize and develop as a person. Why does it seem so hard to just find a school that can help our autistic son? I would think that with the increasing rates of autistic children attending schools that there would be more trained staff to help in behavior modification as part of their educational requirements.

Visions of my son as an infant and memories of holding him in my arms as a baby always flash through my mind as we deal with the present situation. Back when our son was a baby we nurtured, loved, protected and comforted him each and every day. As a pre-teen adolescent we are still doing the same things but now we are also expecting our son to grow, develop and be responsible for his actions and we are enlisting the services of doctors and therapists to help him and us as we navigate the world together with autism. It is complicated sometimes and heartbreaking but we hold on to hope and have love and joy in our heart to help reach our son and do all we can to give him a loving home and the support and encouragement he needs and deserves so he can become a fine young man and realize his dreams and ambitions.

I will always stand by my son's side and walk with him throughout our lives together and I will always feel touched for having both him and his mom in my life. Despite autism I am still so very happy to have Matty in our life. He is the best part of our life and we will always be there for him and help him navigate life with autism and hope.

Edward D. Iannielli III

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    • okmom23 profile image

      Donna Oliver 7 years ago from Midwest, U.S.A.

      First, thank you for sharing this article. Well written, current information on aspbergers syndrome. I do agree, parents who have a child with autism were given a gift.

      I did notice that your Son is at the age where he is/or has entered puberty. You are smart to educate yourself about autism! Structure and consistency are very important for our children. My DD still likes to use a daily chart regarding her activities. There is more...

      please feel free to e-mail me. Great hub!