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Autistic Children May Be Helped by Nutrients Absorbed Through the Skin

Updated on June 22, 2015

Transdermal nutrition vs. nutrient non-absorption. It may help work wonders for your child.

Many austic children have digestive disabilites that do not allow good absorption of vitamins and minerals from the foods they eat. Further, often times their diet is quite restrictive which again limits the capability of necessary nutrient achievement. Pills, capsules are not usually well taken, and if they are finally swallowed, again face the fact of intestinal malabsorbtion.

There is an ongoing unofficial study of transdermal vitamin and/or mineral cremes applied to the skin of austic children to see how much improvement is achieved in speech, eye contact, mobility, social interaction, self-care improvement, etc., with its use. The skin absorbs the particular nutrients - i.e. replenishes those deficient nutrients that the body is unable to absorb from foods through normal intestinal digestion/absorption activity. And the growing body must obtain true nutrition for true recovery/health.

There is limited acceptance to the above study but to obtain more information you may go to where there is contact information. The site that produces the transdermal cremes is and has a lot of pertinent information (free). Current study information is not available at that site, but the products are.

The arches of the feet have some of the largest pores in the body and the most rapid full body absorption of nutrients is achieved by putting a particular creme there. Some of the cremes have been specifically noted to make marked and rapid differences by placing some of the transdermals on the temples, perhaps on the abdomen over the liver area. Laboratory tests have confirmed that skin absorption greatly increased the intake of the needed vitamins and minerals. Observed positive changes in behavior, personal and social maturation of the austic child has shown quite dramatic improvement sometimes in a matter of days.

It has been found that many autistic children as well as adults are high in sulfite production, both by genetics and by diet. When the sulfite levels are excessively high the body cannot utilize magnesium or glutathione as needed, and these two are vital for antioxidant health!

A test for sulfite levels may be done at home, is very inexpensive, and will let you know where those statistics are, giving you information as to how much supplement assistance is needed. Glutathione is one of the highest activity antioxidants in the body, and magnesium is vital for many successful chemical pathways to operate correctly. Neither of these products is orally absorbable efficiently enough if you are deficient in them. In particular, if your magnesium levels are too low, along with many other classes of symptomotology, the body cannot well utilize what glutathione is present. The sulfite test or futher test information is available at the site.

There is much, very needed work to be furthered in this area. If you have need of assistance for your family or friends with autistic children particularly, do investigate the posibility of definite help in this new era of transdermal nutrition. The replenishment of inadequate vital nutrients via transdermal cremes is such a simple possibility and can make truly 'a world of difference' for a child - and family.

There is a book titled, "Take Him Home and Love Him" published by Mary Ann Puckett. Her book is available in book stores, at, or by contacting her website at . She is the mother of a now grown autistic son and elaborates well on her struggle with the legal system for assistance, and with tremendous information regarding the search for medical help for her son. She speaks at conferences across the nation where she is striving to give much needed information from her own experiences.

Research and be informed about your nutrients

For transdermal application of absorbable nutrition. This is some of what I use, and is not for advertising!
For transdermal application of absorbable nutrition. This is some of what I use, and is not for advertising!

Vaccines, Nutrition, Genetics, Disease. Do They Matter?

The ongoing controversy about childhood vaccinations being a trigger or causation for some autism diagnoses seems to me to be a valid one. However, the fact of poor nutrition of both mother and child must also be considered a factor: If our bodies don't have the right fuel, or more regretfully, a definite wrong one, they cannot motivate nor mature correctly as Nature intended. This is a panorama of vital importance before conception, during pregnancy, and as an immature infant. And, not stopping there, essential for all the growing years to build that foundation for healthy living, throughout one's lifetime.

The genetic link to many diseases is also coming forefront in the medical community, and is a wide open arena for research in this debilitating health problem. Pre-birth factors such as a misalignment or error of chromosomal activity is of course a possibility, or predisposition, though not necessarily from genetic passage.

As another factor, measles virus is known to be linked to other type birth 'defects', such as Down's syndrome. There surely are possible unknown links in the prenatal sequences that could relate to other viral, bacterial, prion entities as a causative trigger for some autism. Certainly here, should be included the chemicals of smoking, alcohol, drugs, pollution which are known to effect many cellular activities negatively, including reproductive cells.

The immature immune system of an infant is challenged by several modern practices, such as the inclusion of chemicals in formula, foods, bathing and diaper products (which do absorb through the skin), medications, and yes, those vaccinations. Furthermore, the combination of whatever facets may be to produce effect - unknown though they be - has to play a part in any progression of disease - or health. This is an area, a vital arena of needed exploration that should be accomplished with open minds to every possibility - and the means to eventually discovering more cause/effect solutions to this sad situation.

Until we have an answer...we have many answers.


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    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Central United States of America

      carolinemoon, thank you for your visit and commenting.

    • carolinemoon profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for sharing.Great hub.

    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Central United States of America

      Sage Williams, thanks for your interesting comment - I have heard of the vicks vapo rub that way but have not used it. Yes, it works just like the transdermal 'vitamins' through skin absorption. If I remember correctly, the vicks is an old-fashioned type remedy - and I need to remember it for my granddaughter...Thank you!

    • Sage Williams profile image

      Sage Williams 

      9 years ago

      frogyfish - A very interesting and well written article. I have never heard of this before. I was not aware of autistic children having digestive problems.

      I do however, have a friend who rubs vicks vapo rub on her sons arches of his feet when he has a cold and says it works like a charm.

      Thanks so much for such an interesting hub.


    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Central United States of America

      Thank you for comment Destined To Win. Your words are meaningful here, and hope they open avenues for those who need to hear.

    • Destined To Win profile image

      Destined To Win 

      9 years ago

      frogyfish, fascinating and relevant article on such an important topic of interest to so many. Interesting information particularly about the use of transdermals. Great hub.

    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Central United States of America

      hubby7, glad you found the hub and new information. The transdermals are fairly 'new' as products go, though they have been around for several years. If you are interested, click the link to Springboard in the hub and find a lot more explanation and information. Thank you for comment, and blessing to you today.

    • hubby7 profile image


      10 years ago from Chicago

      Interesting article. Never really heard of trandermals until I read your article. Thanks!

    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Central United States of America

      LisaG, hope it can be of real help to your family. Please let me know how things are going too! I'm interested!

    • LisaG profile image


      10 years ago from Caribbean

      Really interesting information here, I shall pass it on to my mother and hear what she thinks.


    • frogyfish profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Central United States of America

      Thanks, dianacharles. There is so much help available in the nutritional area, but it is rather 'held down'.

    • dianacharles profile image


      10 years ago from India

      This sounds interesting frogyfish, since I have a special interest in autism, being an educationist.


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