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Personal Experience of the Signs and Symptoms of Autism in a Child?

Updated on January 30, 2011

Personal Experiences with a Special Autistic Child

This is the personal experience of my friend's experience with his autistic child. We hope this will be of value to share with you all, for a better understanding of the signs and behavior of a child with autism.  

Lack of Body Awareness

By pressing the toy too hard towards his eyes, Keet was unable to understand or feel the pain receiving by his sensory relay hence coordinating his muscles and joints towards refining fine motor’s control.

This action clearly displays poor body awareness or what is known scientifically as the sense of Proprioception. It really breaks the parent’s heart in seeing such action. How can a child abuse himself?? A way to stimuli the brain???

Eye Contact

As a Toddler, Kai Keet always lack of eyes contact. He was not responding to people around him neither interested in making friends. Often seen more interested in objects than in people. He would often lie down on the floor, frequently glances sideways to look at things. He enjoyed staring at cars, raising them up and down, spinning the wheels of all toy vehicles, in fact more of round objects. Sometimes, he laughed or giggled inappropriately.


Keet’s grasp of vocabulary words was limited. He pointed at objects which he wanted to play instead of saying it. His receptive understanding was poor and was uninterested to the tasks given by his mother. Example, when his mother asked him to identify an object, he would just name some familiar words like car, ball etc.

Most of the time, he jabbered to himself and mixed single words when he played. He did not respond readily when parents speak or play with him. He used to point at the object when he wanted to retrieve a toy for himself. He echoed and always repeating words after his parents.


Unlike most of the toddlers of his age who usually like to mess around and throw the toys all over the house or playing with peers in group. Keet doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys or with his peers, his play was often repetitive and imitate.

He pushed the cars to and fro and used to line them up neatly in a straight row. He got upset when his arrangement was disturbed. He also flipped all his toys cars over before he slept, probably to indicate that they are sleeping too.

When he was invited to his cousin birthday’s party, he needed prompt to sing a birthday song. Most of the times, he was more interested in carrying his own play actions rather then playing with his cousins. As usually, he will just leave the group taking his favorite car and just sit down at a corner jabbering to himself in a world of his own making.

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    • stevenho128 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you all for sharing.

      It's ironic that most societies wants us to conform to a perceived norm, but the fact is that our strength lies in embracing our diversity of thoughts and actions.

    • Pamela N Red profile image

      Pamela N Red 

      7 years ago from Oklahoma

      I adopted a daughter who has Asperger's, a form of autism, she has been a challenge but interesting child. She is 16 now and still has trouble interacting socially with her peers.

      When she was a baby she would bang her head on wooden furniture and carried bruises on her forehead. We almost got her a helmet to wear but she finally moved on to other odd behavior.

    • PaperNotes profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for this hub. I wonder how I would feel if I know that my child is autistic. It must have been hard for your friend.


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