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Autism and Life

Updated on December 8, 2015
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Autism is now much more common today.Autistic childrenArticle on autismAutism is puzzling
Autism is now much more common today.
Autism is now much more common today.
Autistic children
Autistic children
Article on autism
Article on autism
Autism is puzzling
Autism is puzzling

Autism and Life

 I have been blogging now for almost a year on the subject of autism and I have created 3 facebook pages centering on the subject. I write because I am personally affected by autism as our son is diagnosed with asperger's syndrome and my wife and I are working together in seeking the help of others so we can provide our son with all the necessary support and encouragement he needs. It is a challenge at times and our very existence centers around our son and his needs. We sometimes feel like our good intentions and our desire to help him fall short and we are at a loss. We want the very best for our son and we know he has many challenges and personal struggles. The one thing I hold on to is hope and my faith in God that everything will work out and our son will have the same chances and opportunities ahead of him that all children are entitled to.

Sometimes I feel sad and alone because I don't have the answers and I have many questions. It seems in our life we always strive to do our best and are always working hard to provide for our family and nurture and guide our children. I look at my son with tremendous pride and I have so much love in my heart to help and show him the way. Life has challenges and for an autistic child those challenges become magnified. Our son has so many sensitivities and the slightest thing can set him off where he will have a complete meltdown. As a child's routine changes slightly it can contribute to their regression and spark their frustration which then leads to a meltdown. In the event our son has a meltdown in a public place it can be very overwhelming because his behavior is very unpredictable and he can really become impatient, frustrated and react in a very physical way becoming angry and rebellious. In these situations we have to be very careful in trying to calm our son and help him come out of it. This is a very emotional and challenging time when we witness our son's total regression in behavior.   

When I first learned of my son's diagnosis I felt like I was on my own trying to figure it all out and that I had no one to turn to. I trusted in the doctor's who diagnosed him and listened to what they had to say and what they suggested. The first thing my wife and I did for our son was to enroll him in the early intervention program once they determined he was eligible. 

In the early intervention program the teachers and therapists assigned to our son's case were very professional and took a sincere interest in helping him with speech and social skills. It took several visits and a lot of patience and years of programs and new teachers and therapists to get him started on the road to improvement.

We are living day by day with our son's situation and we find there are good days and there are days we just want to forget but it seems like that is part of life and we have to just try to have hope, faith and courage in dealing with our son's autism and helping him to achieve his full potential.

I love my son very much and I wish to help him the best way I can and sometimes I may not always be right but my desire and hope in helping him will always shine through and I will always stand by his side supporting him and encouraging him every step of the way.

Edward D. Iannielli III 

Autism song - I'm in here


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    • ThePracticalMommy profile image

      Marissa 6 years ago from United States

      I can't even begin to imagine what it is like to be a parent of a child with autism. Your son is very blessed to have such wonderful, caring, loving parents who are willing to devote their lives to helping him experience life to its fullest. I wish you all the best in your endeavors.

      Here at HubPages, as you may have already noticed, there are quite a few parents who are experiencing similar situations with their children who have autism. You might find comfort and support by reaching out to some of them and reading their hubs.

      Many blessings to you and your family!