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Are Your Hormones Out of Balance???

Updated on March 27, 2016

Do you have an autoimmune disorder?

Do you feel sluggish or chronically fatigued? Do you have digestive problems? Have you been told you are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant? Then you might have an autoimmune disease. I have read that over 10 percent of Americans suffer from autoimmune disease.

Now, I am not a doctor, but as I understand it with an autoimmune disease it is like your immune system is waging war against your own body. It apparently strikes out against itself and causes damage to your tissues and can affect normal bodily functions in various areas of your body. Also as I understand it, autoimmune diseases can often be hard to diagnose. Some examples of autoimmune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, Type 1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, thyroid problems such as Grave’s and Hoshomoto’s disease, psoriasis, chronic dry eyes, Guillain-Barre’ syndrome, and kidney inflammation which can result in kidney failure. Because autoimmune disease affects your hormonal system, it can also result in weight gain in various areas of your body.

My doctor tells me that the basic root cause of all autoimmune diseases is chronic inflammation. From my reading it appears that inflammation is caused by things we put in our bodies that it doesn’t like. Maybe we have sensitivity to certain foods, or we are ingesting a great deal of toxins from overly processed foods – or maybe both.

Apparently our bodies have something called “T cells” that should keep the immune response in check and stop the inflammation. It appears that as you continue to subject your body to those things it doesn’t like, the inflammation continues to get worse and the T cells fail to do their job. Of course, as you might have already guessed, the inflammation gets even worse, and symptoms may become more severe,

So rather than only treating my symptoms (I have digestive problems, high cholesterol, and Hoshomoto’s disease), I decided to do some research on alternative treatments. My research brought me to Natasha Turner, ND. Ms. Turner has written a book called the Hormone Diet. I decided to get a copy of these from books and begin to make changes that would permanently alter the way my body is functioning instead of living with the symptoms and medicating them.

Dr. Turner’s book first educates you on what is happening in your body and how the endocrine system works. She has a test you can take to show how your system is working. And she tells you step by step what to do about it. She makes everything so easy to understand and easy to follow.

Of course, it should go without saying, that you should not undertake any change in diet without first discussing it with your doctor. In fact, Dr. Turner tells you exactly what to discuss with your doctor, and what tests you should request from your doctor. When I took the test to determine how effective my endocrine system was, I failed miserably. I immediately made an appointment with my doctor and decided to start following Dr. Turner’s advice. My doctor was not familiar with Dr. Turner’s work, but supported the diet changes she suggested.

I started by following Dr. Turner’s suggestion to “clean out” both my cupboards and my body. I cleared my cupboards of all those "junk foods" leftover from the holidays. They I removed all plastic dishes and replaced them all with glass. I bought the supplements she suggested and I began the 10 day detox she outlines in her book.

I have completed the 10 day detox and cannot remember when I last felt this good. Here are some of my results:

  • Five pound weight loss!
  • Clearer mind, more able to focus;
  • Sinus congestion is gone;
  • No acid reflux or indigestion;
  • The "creepy crawly" restless leg symptoms that kept me from falling asleep are gone;
  • I am loosing my "love handles" and my stomach is flatter;
  • Appearance of cellulite has lessened.

Wow. I can't wait to start reintroducing the foods to determine what might have been causing me problems, and get on with the "hormone balancing" diet she outlines in the Hormone Diet. I am ready to be healthy. How about you?


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