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Autumn healthcare and the 5 most common diseases

Updated on September 11, 2010

Autumn is here and the days of a normal and progressive transition between the seasons have long passed, these days most of the world is suffering from drastic weather fluctuations. Here is a list of the most common five afflictions caused by the heavy fluctuations in temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure that are ever so present in the fall:

The common cold

Rain, strong wind and humidity variations are all factors that contribute to lowering our immune system, making it easier for us to catch a cold. The good thing is these autumn colds usually aren't as sever as those in the winter season, however it is still important to see a doctor and treat them to prevent the risk of a viral infection.

Asthma and other allergic diseases

Autumn just like spring is a season that favors allergies, but out of all the allergies the one that manifests itself most often is asthma, specifically allergic asthma or dry asthma. Allergic asthma doesn't manifest along with bronchitis and thankfully has a seasonal character, the most common symptom being difficulty in breathing.

Gastroduodenal ulcer

Another common disease during this time of year is ulcer, which can have many underlying causes like smoking, alcohol, stress, poor eating habits, chronic diseases, genetical factors or bacterial infections with Helicobacter Pylori. The most common symptoms are variations in appetite, pain and vomiting. Gastric ulcer pains are more common immediately after a meal while duodenal ulcer pains are more common a few hours after a meal. Either way if you experience pain or vomiting after meals you should see your doctor.

Heart failure

Heart failure or cardiac insufficiency can be a real dangerous threat to people with heart problems during the autumn months. The body struggles to adapt to the changes in climate and that can overload the cardiorespiratory system, causing serious consequences. Caution is advised during this time of year, as well as strictly following any treatment prescribed.

Rheumatic diseases

Rheumatic diseases such as arthritis are very common as well causing increased sensibility and joint pains due to exposure to low temperatures. Hot baths, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory and analgesic ointments and simply avoiding to go on walks in cold or rainy weather are all measures one can take to avoid suffering the symptoms of this disease.

Do you suffer from any chronic condition that also gets worse in the autumn? If so do you know any other ways to help beat the symptoms and make life more pleasant?


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    • profile image

      Wife Who Saves 7 years ago

      Nice hub. Sometimes I think that allergies are worse in the autumn, rather than spring, because of the dust of decaying leaves.


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