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Avento Health Club Review

Updated on February 27, 2015

Avento Health Club

Late last year, I bought the Avento Health Club from O Shopping. O Shopping is a home shopping channel that runs late in the evening via ABS-CBN. The Avento Health Club is one of their fitness products and it costs 2,495 pesos plus shipping (319.20) so let's round it off to 3,000. You can pay for it via credit card or through cash on delivery.

How to use the Avento Health Club

According to its infomercial, you can use the Avento in six ways: cycle, stepper, sit-up, leg exercise, arm exercise, push-ups.

If you haven't watched it being shown on TV, you can view it on youtube or you will be guided by its pictures on the product itself.

Avento Health Club Usage

As I mentioned earlier, you can also watch it via youtube if you missed it being sold on TV.

Avento Health Club Video by O shopping


There is a similar product (WonderCore) on the market being sold by HSN (homeshoppingnetwork) that works the same way as Avento Health Club. I guess having watched it after buying my Avento, it affected my appreciation for my new exercise equipment. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. The Avento Health Club does not look durable.

If you notice the picture below, those knobs are supposed to be where you adjust its level of intensity. However, it did not differ much to me. Plus, it works like a rubber. So I'm thinking what if I use it everyday and it overstretches?

2. It does not stay in place.

I've been using it as a cycle while sitting in bed/ a chair and I noticed that it moves. It moves a little bit forward so I have to stop every now and then to re-position myself.

Is it effective?

I'm still testing this one out. Currently, I don't have a specific exercise regimen with Avento Health Club. Will update this in the future if it really helped me tone my arms/legs/belly.

How often do you exercise?

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On a positive note

Avento Health Club is cheaper than HSN's Wonder Core.

P3,000 vs P5,000

For a person who does not really exercise much like myself, I guess I'll have to make do with my Avento Health Club.

HSN Wonder Core

If you are interested, here's a look at HSN Wonder Core
If you are interested, here's a look at HSN Wonder Core

I've always been a gullible believer of home shopping products. If you have any experiences of either Avento Health Club/ Wonder Core feel free to comment. I'm particularly interested on how Wonder Core works, especially it there's a huge difference from Avento because ideally their functions should be kinda similar.


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