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Avocado Pear: Health Benefits of Avocado Fruit, Avocado pear, Alligator Pear

Updated on April 25, 2014

Avocado fruit

Avocado pear is considered by experts as one of the top fruits that contain a whole number of essential nutrients, vitamins and natural dietary supplements, the nutritional value of the fruit consists of over twenty five elements making avocado a super fruit.

The avocado comes from the avocado tree which is native to central America but can be found in many countries like the United States of America, India, Mexico, Dominican republic, Indonesia, Chile, Kenya, Ghana, Columbia Brazil, china and many other countries. The distribution is wide but the plant is highly susceptible to cold, low wind and frost which can kill the tree.

Persea Americana indigenous to Mexico can be found in the tropics and the Mediterranean, it is a flowering plant that has a growth rate of about sixty feet. Its leaves are greenish yellow and the mature fruits only ripen after they have been picked or plucked.

The avocado fruit has been around for a very long time dating back to 9000BC and has been cultivated in the ADs making the fruit an ancient plant. Because of its many unique properties the plant is highly commercialized and is an important commodity in many countries.

Also its benefits and medicinal application is far reaching and is used in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

A cross section image of avocado pear

A cross section image of avocado pear
A cross section image of avocado pear | Source

The fruit

The fruit has a rough leathery skin and a smooth oily edible fibrous flesh in the core is a single large seed, the fruit has a light fleshy taste low in calories, and flavored. It can be eaten raw, used in a salad, or cooked slightly, even blended into a drink. The creamy texture is delicious to eat especially if you add a little salt, the fibers are soluble and the monounsaturated fat regulates blood sugar levels.

There are many species of avocado pear of which I shall mention only a few. We have the zutano, Monroe, fuerte, ettinger, brogden, bacon, reed, pikerton, Lula, hass and coquette. Most avocado pear has oblong shape and a purple brownish color, is self propagating through their seed, and could be grafted on rootstock.

Which vitamin inst found in avocado

What vitamin is not found in avocado pear

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Health benefits of avocado pear

The wonder fruit is known to be a healthy source of fiber, easily absorb-able fat and has many nutritional values such as zinc, vitamin C, E, K, B6, B5, manganese, magnesium, and sodium. Others include dietary fibers, sugars, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, water, vitamin A Thiamine and many more making the fruit dynamo something special.

Increased absorption qualities

Eating avocado increases our capacity to absorb nutrients such as carotids found abundantly in carrot, and lycopene, the polyunsaturated fat which accounts for 1.82g in the fruit is healthy and can be easily absorbed. The carotenoids found in avocado pear improve eye function reducing common eye problems while protecting it from rapid aging

The glutathione found in avocado pear is effective against free radicals it is a strong antioxidant, other qualities of the fruit is the prevention of breast cancer because of oleic acid while the fruit has agents that works on the prostate and can inhibit certain cancer in that region.

Image of Avocado on Tree

Click thumbnail to view full-size
It takes about five years before the avocado tree starts bearing fruits. image of avocado on treeGrowing your own avocado pearAvocado tree
It takes about five years before the avocado tree starts bearing fruits. image of avocado on tree
It takes about five years before the avocado tree starts bearing fruits. image of avocado on tree | Source
Growing your own avocado pear
Growing your own avocado pear | Source
Avocado tree
Avocado tree

Summary health benefits of avocado pear

Avocado pear has many benefits some of which are listed bellow

1 Prevents prostate and breast cancer

2 Helps in nutrient absorption

3 Lowers cholesterol

4 Lowers blood sugar

5 Can be used in skin lotion

6 Aids vision and reduces aging in the eyes

7 Prevents birth defects because of the presence of folate

8 Aids quick recovery from illness and weight gain

9 Has lots of healthy saturated fat

Lowers cholesterol

We know how dangerous high cholesterol levels in our body can be and the long list of possible ailments such as heart disease, the beta sitosterol found in the fruit helps the body lower cholesterol levels.

Regular eating of avocado reduces cholesterol levels in the body by as much as fifteen percent (15%) which is not mind boggling but would keep the doctors away. Folic acid and B6 vitamin regulates effectively homo cysteine levels while vitamin B5, vitamin E, maintains heart health and function

Weight gain and the avocado

Avocado aids weight gain because of the amount of calories found in the fruit so people recovering from illness who have lost considerable weight can benefit from eating avocado. The sugar content is only 0.66g while the saturated fat is 2.13g making it a healthy way to get your calorie fix.

Prevent birth defects

The fruit has a high percentage of folate found in vitamin B9 which makes up an impressive 20%, this means defects such as spina bifida are preventable if a pregnant woman eats avocado. Foliate is also known to help in the prevention or lower the prevalent risk of stoke.

Blood pressure can be reduced or controlled when there is sufficient potassium which is about 10% of the fruits nutrient content.

Beauty care

The body’s immune system is boosted because of the presence of glutathione which scientist found slows the aging process, while its oil treats psoriasis and has cosmetic applications in body creams

Nutrients and Effect

vitamin B6,folic acid
regulate homocysteine
avocado oil-cosmetic
lower cholesterol
high calorie-weight gain
controlling blood pressure
monounsaturated fat-blood sugar
carotenoid lutein-macular degeneration
boost immune system

Nutritional benefits of avocado

Nutritional value

The nutritional content of avocado includes carbohydrates 8g, sugar, 0.65, vitamin E 2mg, vitamin k and folate same 3.50mg, potassium 4mg, zinc 0.64mg, and manganese0.14mg. it also has many others nutrients like vitamin 10mg, dietary fibers 6.7g, fat 14g, saturated 9.8g, polyunsaturated fat 1.8gniacin 1.7mg, B6, B5 phosphorus riboflavin and water.

The energy output is over sixty percent 60% while beta-carotene and vitamin A are 1% respectively.

Top Countries and regions that grow avocado

Here are a list of countries and regions that grow avocado

In the united states of America we have Miami Florida, California, in central America Mexico being the highest producer of avocado pear, Chile comes a close second producing about three hundred and seventy, The island of Dominican republic an d Indonesia produce almost the same amount while others like Colombia, Kenya, brazil and china have a fair shear of the market.

More countries where avocado pear is abundant are Philippines, India, Vietnam, and morocco, Ethiopia, Argentina, Australia and Ghana.

Avocado deep hair conditioner

After washing you hair and adding shampoo to the hair, you can apply avocado deep hair conditioner treatment to scalp.. Image of a bowl with avocado deep hair conditioner
After washing you hair and adding shampoo to the hair, you can apply avocado deep hair conditioner treatment to scalp.. Image of a bowl with avocado deep hair conditioner | Source

Summary of medical and culinary use

1 lowers cholesterol

2 used in skin applications like cuts, bruises

3 increases libido

4 used to fight diarrhea, dysentery, stomach upset

5 made into body creams and avocado oil

Experience the delightful avocado oil

Medical applications of avocado pear

Since the wonder fruit has so many nutrients and vitamins, the tree, stem, root, leaves and seeds have been successfully applied in drugs, herbal concoctions and culinary use. The leaf can be crushed, grounded or soaked depending on the purpose in which it’s to be used while oil extracts and the fruit also contribute their bit.

Avocado is used to treat burns; cuts, sores can be used to sooth cartilage in joints, lower cholesterol, and bowl related ailments such as diarrhea, and dysentery. Other applications are erectile dysfunction, desire, sclerosis, arthritis and skin problems.

Avocado oil in treatment of skin problems

The avocado oil treats skin scierosis, different kinds of gum infection known as pyorrhea, arthritis and uneven pigmentation. It can also be applied to sooth wounds and skin, heal broken skin and the condition known as psoriasis is treated with a combination of vitamin B12 and avocado oil.

Avocado seeds and leaves

The seeds, leaf and stem are used in herbal medicine to treat a number of ailments such as treating menstrual cycle/flow, diarrhea, dysentery, stomach upset, and libido. Some people are known to use the leaves in preparing vegetable meals but this has not been fully substantiated.

The pulp is used as a hair growth cream while the stem and bark are mixed into tonics and used to sooth tooth ache.

Avocado pudding and ice cream

Try out a cool avocado pudding
Try out a cool avocado pudding | Source
A cool avocado ice cream
A cool avocado ice cream | Source

Culinary uses of avocado pear

Culinary use

1 avocado cheese cookies

2 avocado Popsicle

3 avocado pudding

4 avocado bread

5 avocado ice cream

6 avocado Margareta

7 avocado pasta sauce

8 Caesar avocado dressing

9 Avocado sandwich

Avocado pear is used in many culinary uses some of which are making of avocado cookies, avocado Popsicle, avocado doughnuts, pickled avocado, avocado margaritas, and avocado pudding. Other culinary uses are in making avocado creme brulee, avocado bread, avocado ice cream, avocado cupcakes, avocado baked with cheese and lime, avocado sandwiches, Caesar avocado dressing and avocado pasta source.

10 Avocado salad

Final thoughts on avocado pear

Avocado is perhaps one of the healthiest fruits around it contains several nutrients that are essential to us such as glutathione, vitamin B12, vitamin K, magnesium, manganese, vitamin B6 and many others. The fruit seems to have lots of uses like mouth wash and bad breadth remedies, added in cosmetics to nourish skin and antioxidants that fight free radical in the body.

Other uses are beta-sitosterol that effectively lowers cholesterol levels, potassium that controls blood pressure and regulates blood sugar by reversing insulin resistance.


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    • Alphadogg16 profile image

      Kevin W 3 years ago from Texas

      Very informative hub on the avocado tony55. I love the avocado,it's a good source of good fat and it mainstay in my diet. Thumbs up on your hub.