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Avocado Pear: Is There Truth to its Fertility Usage?

Updated on May 12, 2016


Avocado plant is originally a tree found in Mexico and Central America. It bears fruit commonly called Alligator or Avocado pear. This pear has greenish color appearance and may appear spherical or egg like in shape. It may ripe while still on the plant. However, those grown commercially may ripe after been harvested for marketing. Throughout history, avocado pear has been used for various purposes such as a base for Mexican dip, in making corn tortillas etc. However, in this article, I will be exploring the current available truth regarding the use of avocado pear for fertility purposes.

Avocado Plant


Nutritional Fact

Avocado pear contains high level of monounsaturated fat and this may be the basis for the evidence surrounding the claim. One study at Massachusetts General Hospital fertility center found that there is a link between the high content of monounsaturated fat and live human birth. Several reports commented that the chances of having pregnancy is enhanced 3.4 times more when a diet high in monounsaturated fat is consumed. Monounsaturated fat may improve fertility by lowering inflammation according to expert opinion. The study that conducted the experiment had quite small population and there is not enough support to finalize such claim.

Avocado Pear on Tree


Cultural Belief

In certain culture like the Aztecs, they consider Avocado pear as an excellent fertility fruit. It has been used to treat infertility in men due to its Vitamin E content. With regard to the benefit in men, it is believed that Avocado pear help mobilize sperm and assist in separating them as they migrate towards female eggs. Further information on the topic suggests that endocrine system is supported by fat, which controls the hormones involved in reproduction. Additional evidence support that folic acid found in Avocado pear helps boost fertility in humans. Couple attempting to conceive healthy babies are recommended to consume Avocado pear due to its ability to prevent fetal neural defects.

Method of Action

Almost all the reports commenting on Avocado pear and fertility emphasizes on the fatty aspect of the fruit. Ladies attempting to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization may have higher chances if Avocado pear is part of their diet. The idea behind the benefit of Avocado pear is that the monounsaturated fat is better fat than the other types of fat for expectant mothers. This is so because the fruit increases fertility by decreasing inflammation in the body.

Ripe Avocado Pear with Internal Seed



There is very limited evidence to support the claim on the benefit of Avocado pear as it relates to fertility. A review of available literature consistently point to a single study. Due to inadequate data on this, I can only suggest that anyone interested in improving fertility contact his or her doctor. Lack of evidence on such claim does not really rule out the validity of such claim, however, individual wanting to attempt the use of such fruit for fertility is free to try. As an advice, I must state clearly that the evidence is not sufficient to maintain such claim. I hope with more studies throughout universities, laboratories and health care institutions, we will have stronger evidence to back up the claim.


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