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Avoid Coccyx Pain. Try These Tips...

Updated on January 28, 2013

Coccyx Pain Resources

  • Treatment and home remedies typically includes stress reduction on the tailbone to prevent the present condition from becoming worse.

Coccydinia or coccyx pain or pain in the tailbone is a big problem for many suffering patients. This condition creates real discomfort and can even be debilitating at its worse.

Most often, patients with coccyx pain say that their physicians belittle and dismiss their symptoms and consider it to be relatively uncommon.

Coccyx is found at the lower end of the spine which is why it is also called the tailbone. Its name is derived from the Greek word of “cuckoo” owing to the fact that it resembles a cuckoo’s beak. Tailbone pain is usually caused by trauma which happens when one falls or applies excessive pressure to the coccyx. The pain may also be due to fractures, dislocations, other malignancies.

During pregnancy, when a woman nears her due date, she may experience tailbone pain. This is especially true when giving birth. During delivery, the passage of the baby through the birth canal may injure the coccyx, usually causing it to fracture or dislocate. Rarely coccydinia may be due to a tumor or infection that puts compression to the area. It is also idiopathic and psychosomatic, meaning cause maybe unknown and psychological brought about by the long treatment. Furthermore, tailbone pain is more common in women and persons with larger body frames.

Treatment and home remedies typically includes stress reduction on the tailbone to prevent the present condition from becoming worse. Tailbone pain sufferers should avoid sitting on hard surfaces for long periods and keep from doing activities that my put constant and repetitive pressure on the coccyx.

One can use a coccyx cushion to distribute the weight of the body. Use the pillow while driving to prevent the body from sliding from side to side, which increases the pain especially when running into a curve or when making a turn. Use coccyx cushion while working at your office desk, sit for long hours without being distracted by the piercing pain. Or use it while just sitting on your couch at home, reading a book or watching the television or just relaxing without minding the hurt from tailbone pain.

It will be a brilliant idea to have coccyx pillow present at home, the office and in the car for convenience. So in each time you need to use a pillow it is immediately on hand. Muscles and ligaments stretching exercises are also encouraged. Hot bath or application of ice packs on the area may also be done. Certain herbs like camphor, peppermint, and spearmint may be used as they contain menthol that can help reduce pain. Pain relievers and massage therapy also help relieve the tailbone pain. If all conservative measures fail we may result to surgery.

Remember good posture while sitting, standing or walking should be observed to prevent tailbone pain. Sit on a chair with a firm back and knees higher than the hips. Get up and move about every 20 to 25 minutes if the job involves sitting for long hours. Do not stand in one position for long period and avoid high heels and leaning.

Hope you have grasped the information provided above since this real pain in the butt could always be prevented and treated.

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